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Resident Evil 7 Guide and Walkthrough – All Collectibles, Secrets

by Josh Hawkins

Resident Evil 7 will feature quite a few changes from previous Resident Evil games, and while it won’t feature any of the staple characters that players have come to know and love, it will offer the same survival horror gameplay that has helped make the series so popular. This article will act as a hub for all of our Resident Evil 7 guide content, where we’ll teach you everything you need to know to survive and escape the Baker family.

Resident Evil 7 Tips

  • Like any good survival horror game, Resident Evil 7 is about atmosphere and environment. Pay careful attention to the world around you. There are items and clues hidden throughout the Baker family estate that will help you along the way.
  • Conservation is key to survival. Conserve your ammunition and healing items. You won’t find many of these items throughout the game, so make sure you don’t waste them on silly things.
  • Watch your back. You never know what is lurking in the shadows, just waiting to jump out at you. Always be aware of what is going on around you, no matter which way you are looking. 
  • Everything is useful. No matter what you find along the way, don’t discount it. You never know when those seemingly useless items might be the answer to a hard to crack puzzle.
  • Be ready. There’s no telling what is going to jump out at you when you enter a new room. Always be ready to fight back or run.
  • Sometimes running is the only answer. Like many survival horror games, you’re going to find yourself coming face to face with unspeakable things. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to turn and run. Learning when you should stay and when you should run is extremely important if you wish to survive and escape the Baker’s estate.

Not a Hero DLC Walkthroughs

Walkthrough Part 1 – Find the Cell Key, Get the High Grade Filter
Learn how to get the Cell Key and the High Grade Filter.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthroughs

In this section of our guide you’ll find detail walkthroughs for the various puzzles and sequences in Resident Evil 7. We’ll be updating this section often, so check back daily for new content.

Resident Evil 7 Guides

Here we’ll break down information on the various Easter Eggs and other hidden secrets that Resident Evil 7 holds. We’ll update this section closer to release with more information and guides.

How to Get the Dirty Coin in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo
Learn how to complete the demo and unlock this special item in the main game.

How to Save
Find out how to save your game in Resident Evil 7

How to Heal – All First Aid Items
Learn about first aid items and how they work with this handy guide.

How to Get A Gun
Find out how to get your first gun in Resident Evil 7.

How to Get the Normal Shotgun and M21 Shotgun
Find out how to get one of the best shotguns in Resident Evil 7.

How to Get the Snake Key
Find out how to acquire the Snake Key and unlock new areas in Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7’s Ending Explained
Find answers to all your questions in this article explaining the ending of Resident Evil 7.

All Antique Coin Locations
Find and claim these special collectibles and use them to purchase other items.

Hand Cut Off – Can You Stop It?
Learn more about Ethan’s crippling injury with this guide.

How to Use the Toy Axe
Learn how to solve a hidden puzzle with the Toy Axe.

How to Get the Dissection Room Key
Find out how to solve the Incinerator Room puzzle and acquire the Dissection Room Key.

How to Solve the Happy Birthday Tape Puzzle
Learn how to solve the birthday cake puzzle in the Happy Birthday Tape.

How to Beat Marguerite Baker
Find out how to defeat this boss in Resident Evil 7.

How to Get the Grenade Launcher
Learn how to find the Grenade Launcher, which can help you take down your enemies.

Find the Captain’s Locker Key, Get Machine Gun
Find out how to unlock the Captain’s Locker and obtain the Machine Gun.

All Treasure Photo Locations and Solutions
Discover how to find and solve Treasure Photos.

How to Get Repair Kits
Learn how to find the two Repair Kits in Resident Evil 7.

All Special Item Unlocks
Find out how to unlock the Circular Saw, Infinite Ammo, and X-ray Glasses.

How to Start Banned Footage Vol. 1
Find out how to get started in the first piece of DLC for Resident Evil 7.

How to Solve the Bedroom Tape Puzzle
Find out how to solve the puzzles and escape the bedroom in this DLC video tape.

Get the Ratcatcher Trophy
Find out how to find all the rats and obtain the Ratcatcher Trophy.

How to Find the Greenhouse Key in Ethan Must Die
Find out how to locate the Greenhouse Key and survive to fight Marguerite in Ethan Must Die.

How to Get the True Ending of the Daughters DLC Tape
Find out how to complete the Daughters DLC Tape in Banned Footage Vol. 2.

Resident Evil 7 Features

Here you’ll find more information about the game, the trailers, and everything that we know about Resident Evil 7 before its release.

How to Prepare for Resident Evil 7
Find out everything you need to know to prepare for the next installment of this iconic horror series.

Collector’s Edition and Preorder Details
See what the Collector’s Edition of the game holds, and what preordering will get you.

This is everything you need to know to survive the horrors of Resident Evil 7 and escape the Baker family estate. We will update this guide constantly as we grow closer to release, so make sure to check back often for updated information including guides, tips, and tricks to help you solve all the puzzles and escape the madness. Resident Evil 7 will release on January 24 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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