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Pokemon Duel Guide and Strategies – Become the Very Best

by Bryan Dawson

This Pokemon Duel guide will cover some of the advanced strategies you will need to defeat your competition in the online world. We’ll be updating out Pokemon Duel guide regularly as new information and strategies are discovered so be sure to check back frequently. Pokemon Duel is available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play respectively.

Pokemon Duel Quick Strategies

  • You can increase your inventory of Pokemon and plates in the in-game shop.
  • It’s possible to trade collected materials when purchases Boosters to get the Pokemon you like.
  • Complete extra challenges in Quest Mode to earn additional Gems.
  • The yellow Play button pits you against a human opponent, while the Training Center and Quest Mode pit you against AI opponents.
  • The more you play the more powerful Pokemon you will come across.
  • Instead of the normal battle type system, Duel uses a color attack system to determine who wins battles.
  • Sometimes winning battles can be random with a bit of luck required.

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Bryan Dawson

Bryan Dawson has an extensive background in the gaming industry, having worked as a journalist for various publications for nearly 20 years and participating in a multitude of competitive fighting game events. He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League.