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The Order: 1886 Walkthrough and Guide

by Prima Games Staff

The Order: 1886 has received some bad press in the lead up to its release, but we’re here to tell you that it’s actually an incredible game. For starters, the campaign is far more than five hours long, and will most likely clock in at about 10 hours, if not a couple more. Like most Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives, it’s a visually stunning game, and one that has a pretty cool story to go with it. The voice acting is top notch, and the play mechanics will remind gamers of The Last of Us, as well as perhaps Heavy Rain from a few years back.

The game follows Sir Galahad, a Knight of the Round Table who spends his life tracking and fighting against a species of Half-Breeds, also known as Lycans. Flanked by Lady Igraine, Sir Perceval, and a hilarious French fellow named Marquis De Lafayette, players will need to fight their way through 16 chapters that include cover based combat, melee action, quick time events and more. It’s a wild ride from start to finish, and one that we’re pleased to provide a full and free walkthrough for, as well as a few tips to get started.

  • Learn the cover system early on. Press the Circle button to snap to cover, and the X button to leave it when desired. Almost every gun battle in the game will be fought with players utilizing this game mechanic.
  • Before Half-Breeds (also known as Lycans) can be killed, they must be shot multiple times. Shoot at a charging Lycan to stop its advance, then approach it and execute the beast as prompted. Press the X button to dodge its attacks.
  • The game contains many points of interest, all of which are indicated in the world if Sir Galahad gets close enough to them. We’d advise checking them all out, as no matter what it is, there’s a good chance it will be of use to players.
  • Speaking of points of interest, the game’s collectibles are called Inspectable Items, and we plan to cover them in a separate feature in the coming days. Our walkthrough, however, may skip over some and focus on how to beat the game.
  • Even though there are numerous cut scenes, and even chapters that are only cut scenes, that is no excuse for players to let their guard down. This game loves to toss quick time events at folks when they least expect.

The Order: 1886 Prologue: Once a Knight – Sir Galahad Tortured

The first bit of game play will be nothing more than a series of cut scenes and quick time events, but the experience does introduce players to some prominent game mechanics.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 1: Always a Knight – Half-Breed Lycans

The tutorial will continue in this chapter, although the game play is much more open for the most part. Our walkthrough will discuss the cover system and how to kill the Lycans.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 2: Amongst Equals – Nikola Telsa

This short chapter is made up of mostly cut scenes, but near the end players will be introduced to a man named Nikola Telsa, someone who provides gadgets to the Knights.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 3: Inequalities – The Rebel Ambush

Players will see the most intense combat of the game thus far, battling through waves of Rebels in a series of ambushes that will introduce the Rebel Shotgunner enemy.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 4: An Endless Battle – Lycan Elder Boss Fight

The first part of this chapter involves a lot of wandering around, but after that it’s on to the game’s first boss fight against a Lycan Elder. Our tips will win the battle.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising – Remain Undetected

It’s straight up combat from start to finish in this chapter, although it does vary between gun battles and a more stealthy approach. Our guide will walk players through all of it.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 6: In the Darkest Hour – Sir Perceval Funeral

This chapter is almost all cut scene and really doesn’t require a walkthrough, but for the sake of  keeping things complete and in order, we opted to cover it just the same.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 7: The Knighthood – Marquis De Lafayette

For the first part of the game he was a Knight Apprentice, but this chapter will see Marquis De Lafayette become one of the Knights of the Round Table.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 8: Under Siege – Stop the Rebel Attack

This chapter will see some extended gun play, but it isn’t anything that players haven’t experienced before. We’ll show gamers how to use cover to advance across the bridge.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance – Lakshmi and Galahad

It’s a long chapter with a lot of different combat situations, but our guide will help players to fight their way through the docks at the United India Company, then take out the Lycans.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 10: Confrontations – Sir Lucan and Galahad

This is another one of those chapters with nothing but cut scenes, but again we felt it was silly to lave an empty space here. Players won’t want to miss this part of the story.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms – Garden Stealth Tips

The mixture of gun play and stealth combat is very cool in this chapter, making a long adventure seem fresh from start to finish. We’ll even help gamers kill the Lycans.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 12: A Traitor Amongst Us – Sir Galahad Trial

After a long and intense battle in the previous chapter, gamers will get a brief break when they get to sit back and enjoy the cut scene that takes up all of this chapter.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 13: Between Life an Death – Nikola Telsa

The plot thickens as Sir Galahad is wounded and in hiding. Luckily, he still has a few friends that believe in him and want to see him seek revenge on Sir Lucan. 

The Order: 1886 Chapter 14: A Knight of Old – Escape to Whitechapel

It’s a short chapter, but players will have the opportunity to cause some explosions. Our guide will pinpoint the location of the red barrels to make this fight easier.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 15: To Save a Life – Get to Tela’s Lab

Although only about 15 minutes long, players will endure some of the most intense fighting of the entire game, which makes sense given that this is nearly the end.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 16: Brother, Let Us Embrace – Final Boss Fight

The final chapter will finally see Sir Galahad and Sir Lucan square off in the final boss battle. We have all the details that players will need to take the Lycan down.

This walkthrough will be updated daily.

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