Nioh Guide and Walkthrough – Collectibles, Strategy, Video

We go in-depth with strategies to help you make it through this challenging title!

This Nioh guide and walkthrough will cover a variety of strategies and tactics to help both novice and skilled players make it through the challenging title. Our Nioh guide focuses on a variety of key strategies for the game and will continue to evolve as we discover new strategies and techniques while playing through the game. You’ll also find videos for walkthroughs and other strategies in addition to written articles in this Nioh guide. If you don’t see a specific area of the game covered be sure to check back frequently as our Nioh guide will be updated regularly with new content and videos.

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Nioh is a game that represents Team Ninja’s return to the past with what many are calling a cross between Ninja Gaiden and Bloodborne. What began as a traditional Japanese RPG developed by Koei back in 2004, transitioned into a Dynasty Warriors game developed by Omega Force after Koei and Tecmo merged, then finally moved on to Team Ninja in 2010 when it started to take the shape of the game we all know and love today.

Published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment everywhere else in the world, Nioh released in North America on February 7, 2016. Many Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans have been eagerly anticipating the retail release of the title after a number of beta tests in which player feedback was used to make adjustments to the final product.

Nioh Quick Tips

  • When you collect new armor or weapons, always check the stats to see if they’re better than what you’re currently using.
  • Look in remote areas to find lost Kodama and return them to their shrine so you can gain new and upgraded Kodama blessings.
  • If you pray at a shrine almost all enemies will respawn aside from a few of the stronger Yokai (demon) enemies.
  • Score a headshot with your bow or gun from a distance to instantly kill most enemies.
  • After depleting some of your stamina, press R1 when the stamina gauge is blue to instantly replenish lost stamina.
  • Try all three stances to determine which fighting style you like best.
  • All of the weapons in Nioh attack differently, some fast and weak, and others slow and powerful. Try them all to figure out which one you like best.
  • Press Triangle near downed enemies to inflict heavy damage.
  • Like in Dark Souls, when you die you lose all karam, but you can collect it from the spot where you died if you make it there before dying again.
  • Keep an eye on your minimap because it will let you know where enemies are located, even if you can’t see the enemies yet.
  • Break all boxes, crates and vases to potentially reveal gold and other items.
  • Don’t forget to regularly level up your character at shrines and learn new skills in the status menu (press the touchpad).

Nioh Video Strategy

How to Escape the First Cell Room
This YouTube video covers how to escape the first room in the game.

How to Defeat Derrick the Executioner
A YouTube video that covers the first boss battle in Nioh.

How to Defeat Onryoki
Check out our video walkthrough of the second boss battle in Nioh.

Video Walkthrough Part 1 – Tower of London
A complete video walkthrough of the first level in Nioh.

Video Walkthrough Part 2 – Isle of Demons
Journey through the first half of the Isle of Demons.

More coming soon!

Nioh Boss Battles

First Boss – Defeat Derrick the Executioner
Get some helpful tips on how to defeat Nioh’s first boss before you get all your awesome gear and abilities!

Second Boss – Defeat Onryoki
When you reach the end of the Village you will have to face off against the Onryoki boss.

Third Boss – Defeat Hino-enma
Learn how to defeat the third boss in Nioh with ease!

More coming soon!

Nioh Guides

All Kodama Locations
Find the locations of all of the Kodama in the game.

Twilight Missions – Rewards, Unlock Requirements
Find out what the rewards, unlock requirements and recommended level for the elusive Twilight Missions in Nioh.

How to Escape the First Room Cell
If you’re trapped in the first room of Nioh, we’ve got a quick and easy way out for you.

Nioh Beta Boss – Defeat Tachibana Muneshige
Learn how to defeat one of the more troublesome bosses in the Nioh Beta Demo.

Combat Tips to Beat the Nioh Beta Demo
We offer some helpful tips to get you through Team Ninja’s marriage of Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden.

Shrines, Weapons, Amrita
Learn some of the basics of Nioh to help you understand how the game plays.

More coming soon!

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