NES Classic Edition Guide – Retro Games and Cheats

Get ready to party like it’s 1985 with the new NES Mini! Mario, Zelda and more!

Welcome to our guide for the NES Classic Edition. The new NES Mini looks exactly like the original Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985, except much smaller, and instead of using cartridges, there are 30 games pre-installed on the console. Enjoy beloved hits such as Super Mario Bros., Punch-Out!! and The Legend of Zelda. You can even play games like Tecmo Bowl and Double Dragon II with a friend, so long as you have a second NES controller, sold separately.

We’ll tell you everything about the NES Classic Edition, including where to buy the system on November 11, and some of the best cheats for games like Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and Ghosts’N Goblins. We still have a few days before the console debuts on November 11, and we’ll update this hub with new features in the coming days. 

NES Classic Edition Tips

  • Each game has four slots so you can save your progress. While playing one of your favorite NES games, press the Reset button on the NES Classic Edition and then choose an available save slot.
  • The NES Classic Edition controller has a three foot cord, but you can buy extension cords from Nyko and My Arcade. In fact, the My Arcade Extender Cable gives you 10 extra feet!
  • You can view in-game manuals for each game, but you need to scan QR codes with your smart device.
  • You can use the extension cables with your Wii Remote, allowing you to enjoy retro games on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console.

NES Features

Where to Buy the NES Mini

Don’t miss out on buying the NES Classic Edition! We’ll help you get one on launch day.

NES Classic Edition FAQ

Your questions, answered! Complete list of NES games and other must see details.

NES Classic Edition Next to Everyday Items

You’ll never believe how small the NES Mini is compared to a soda can. Incredible! 

Best NES Multiplayer Games

Who wants to play Tecmo Bowl on Thanksgiving? Our friends at Topgolf list the coolest NES two-player games.

Make the NES Controller Cord Longer

Add six and even ten feet to the cord, then relax on the couch to play Dr. Mario!

NES Cheats

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Cheats and Passwords

Get the Flame Whip, Holy Water and start at level six in Simon Belmont’s fight against Dracula.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins Level Select

This game is so tough that many people never reach the end. Well, unless they use this handy cheat code. 

Super Mario Bros. Tips and Secrets

Warp to different levels, and get unlimited 1-Ups with these quick cheats and secrets.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Tips and Warp Locations

Take on the second era of the Super Mario Bros. with these sweet warp locations and secrets.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Warp Locations, Infinite 1-Ups

Find out how to get infinite 1-Ups and find all the Warp Whistles in the third Super Mario Bros. game.

Bubble Bobble Passwords and Happy Ending Codes

Learn all the level codes for comical action-platformer, Bubble Bobble.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats and Tips

Help Billy and Jimmy take on the Shadow Warriors with these tips and cheats for beat ’em up Double Dragon II: The Revenge on the NES.

Metroid NES Cheats and Tips

Dive into Samus’ first adventure and take down the Mother Brain with these cheats and tips.

The Legend of Zelda Cheats and Tips

Conquer Link’s first adventure using this secrets and cheats.

Mega Man 2 Passcodes and Tips

Take on this classic action platformer with these secret passcodes and tips. 

Donkey Kong Tips and Cheats

Conquer the original Donkey Kong with these helpful tips and cheats.

Final Fantasy Cheats and Tips

Step foot into this classic role-playing game with these great tips and cheats.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Tackle the second game in this critically popular series with these tips and cheats.

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