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How to Earn Gold Medals in Trials Fusion

by Prima Games Staff

We show you how to earn each Gold Medal in Trials Fusion.

Trials Fusion – Sunrise Dash Gold Medal Run
Trade the bike in for an easier to handle quad to complete this gorgeous course. Featuring lots of high speed jumps, Sunrise Dash is all about maintaining your balance to ensure the smoothest run possible. Can you beat our time of 00:53:658?

Trials Fusion – Stormtrooper Gold Medal Run
Another run where you’ll be using the quad instead of the bike. The first part of this course is fairly easy, featuring top-speed jumps before giving way to more finicky obstacles, requiring you to slow down and pay more attention to detail than going fast. Can you beat our time of 01:03:432?

Trials Fusion – Marina Mania Gold Medal Run
Certainly not the most difficult course, yet getting off to a good start is key if you want to post a great time. Check out our run to see how we were able to leave our friends behind us, just barely making it over the finish line before we crashed. Can you beat our time of 00:39:846?

Trials Fusion – RedLynx Rampage Gold Medal Guide
Taking a quick break from the usual time-trials, this skill game focuses on complete a course while doing tricks to earn the highest score possible. The key here is to do some of the more difficult tricks, like the Proud Hero, while completing bigger jumps. Can you beat our top score of 44,307?

Trials Fusion – Gold Medal Guide to Trick Master
The best advice we can give you here is to focus only on one trick at a time. Don’t worry about getting a Gold Medal, that will come with practice. As you begin to perfect tricks, you’ll notice that you’re getting closer and closer to perfection. Can you top our high score of 7,382?

Trials Fusion – Around the Oasis Gold Medal Run
Wheels on the ground. That’s the key to a good run in Around the Oasis. If you’re having trouble with this course, pay close attention to how we land our quad. While not always perfect, we make sure our back wheels are on the ground as soon as possible. Can you top our best time of 01:05:153?

Trials Fusion – Base Invader Gold Medal Run
Once you open this article and click on this video, pay close attention to the pop-up tip. That jump, plus the subsequent landing are the keys to a perfect run. This one took us about an hour to perfect. Be sure to let us know, where you able to beat our best time of 00:43:243?

Trials Fusion – Road to Ruin Gold Medal Run
Definitely one of the most beautiful tracks in Trials Fusion, Road to Ruin is all about making each jump with just the right amount of speed. Pay close attention to our run if you’re having trouble, keeping in mind that your back wheels need to be down as often as possible. Can you beat our time of 00:45:392?

Trials Fusion – 142 Meter Gold Medal on Big Air
Easily our favorite of all the skill games. We’ve spent no less than two hours trying to get the most out of this incredible jump. If you’re looking to break our record (good luck), pay close attention to how we are shifting our weight on the ramp. Can you beat our distance of 142.829 meters? We didn’t think so.

Trials Fusion: Blimp My Ride Gold Medal Run
This definitely isn’t the most difficult track in Trials Fusion, yet there’s an awful lot of places that you can trip up and find yourself disconnected from your bike. Speed is definitely key here, but so too is making sure your land each jump with precision. Can you beat our time of 00:56:961?

Trials Fusion: Observatory Gold Medal Run
The first part of this course is by far the most challenging, featuring many bumps (not even something you can call a jump) that are sure to throw you off balance. Check out our run, taking note of how we keep our bike level and momentum forward. Can you beat our time of 00:38:514?

Trials Fusion: Daredevil Showdown Gold Medal Run
Here’s another opportunity for you to showcase that you can ride reckless and still cross the finish line in one piece. Just don’t pay any attention to the fact you’re on fire when you do. Watch us string several tricks together to reach a high score of 34,371. Can you beat it?

Trials Fusion: Temple Trouble Gold Medal Run
Temple Run has some of the most finicky jumps thus far in the game. Speed is key in the sense that you must control it in order to make sure you don’t over-shoot your landing. Expect several runs to perfect the opening section of the course, but with practice a Gold Medal is not out of your reach. Can you beat our best time of 00:42:339

Trials Fusion: Tropic Storm Gold Medal Run
The middle of this track is by far the most difficult, requiring players to land several consecutive jumps with precision or risk falling into the water. Pay close attention to our speed when you watch the video, often you must slow down as you’re jumping, only to accelerate into the next one. Can you beat our time of 00:45:237?

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