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Heroes of the Storm Guide and Tips

by Bryan Dawson

This is the main landing page for Prima Games’ Heroes of the Storm strategy content. Here you’ll find tips for individual heroes, as well as more general tips to help you get started with the game and increase your skill level as quickly as possible. It can be a long grind to get to level 30 so you can participate in Hero League, and once you’re there you need to know multiple heroes in order to make an impact and help your team. Our strategy content will help you learn multiple heroes as you make your way toward Hero League.

Heroes of the Storm is a five vs. five, team-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that features many prominent characters from Blizzard games such as Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. Experience is earned as a team as you battle to destroy the opposing team’s core, deep within their fortifications.

Heroes of the Storm – General Articles

Beginner’s Tips

Battleground Tips

Individual Hero Articles

How to Play: Azmodan (NEW!)

How to Play: Li Li

How to Play: Malfurion

How to Play: Nazeebo

How to Play: Raynor (NEW!)

How to Play: Sgt. Hammer

How to Play: Tychus

How to Play: Uther

More content added weekly!

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