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Halo Wars 2 Guide – Tips and Collectibles

by Josh Hawkins

Halo Wars 2 is finally here, bringing with it a return to Halo-based real-time strategy. This Halo Wars 2 guide will serve as a hub for all of our future game content, including specific guides, walkthroughs, and complete in-depth features that will help you master every game mode and find every collectible item. We’ll be updating this guide quite frequently over the coming days, so check back often for more tips, tricks and details.

Halo Wars 2 Tips

  • Real-time strategy games are all about controlling the map and Halo Wars 2 is no different. Use your units to block enemy attack routes and always keep a close eye on what the enemy is doing.
  • Don’t waste your resources. There’s no point in having a large army of soldiers if the enemy is just going to wipe them out in one go. Build up your army and make the most of the resources you have.
  • Use the unit cap to your advantage. You’ll only be able to have a certain amount of units on the map at a given time, so make sure you’re using that cap to your advantage and not simply filling your base with the weakest units.
  • Keep the Golden Triangle in mind. Some units will always do better against others. Remember that Infantry are strong against air units, air units are best against ground vehicles, and ground vehicles are great against infantry.
  • Use your special abilities. Depending on who you choose as a leader you will be able to call in different special attacks or other abilities. Don’t waste these, instead save them and use them when they really matter to make sure you have the advantage in every situation.
  • Upgrade your buildings and units. You don’t want to be three generations behind when the enemy comes at you with end-game units.
  • Pay attention to things at home. Your base is easy to ignore when you get into skirmishes with the enemy quite often. Don’t neglect checking for new units, upgrading buildings, and just all around making sure your base is up to the standards it needs to be at.
  • Practice makes perfect. Real-time strategy games are all about practice and muscle memory. The quicker you can select new units and deploy them, the better off your chances of getting reinforcements out to that base the enemy is pushing against.
  • Know when to attack. Just because a group of enemies has appeared on the horizon doesn’t mean you should attack them. You’ll need to learn the best times to attack as well as when you should simply sit back and ignore the enemy.

Halo Wars 2 Guides

Here you’ll find an assortment of guides to help you make the most of Halo Wars 2.

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Learn the basics of how Blitz works.

How to Build the Best Blitz Deck For Your Playstyle
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How the Golden Triangle Works
Learn the ins and outs of combat in Halo Wars 2 by understanding the Golden Triangle.

How to Level Blitz Cards
Learn how to level up your Blitz Cards in Halo Wars 2.

How to Get Every Skull
Find out how to obtain every Skull and unlock their effects.

Understanding the 3 Phases of Real-Time Strategy
How the three main phases of real-time strategy work in Halo Wars 2.

Be sure to use the information provided in this guide to help you as you fight the Banished and try to save your crew in Halo Wars 2. We’ll have plenty of updates coming in the next few days, and those who want even more in-depth features should be sure to pick up the official Halo Wars 2 Strategy Guide from Prima Games. 

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