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Gravity Rush 2 Guide and Walkthrough – All Collectibles

by Josh Hawkins

Gravity Rush 2 is a direct sequel to the original Gravity Rush, which released for PlayStation Vita in 2011. Taking place directly after the events of the first game, players must once again take on the role of Kat and learn to use gravity to complete missions, slay evil creatures, and save the world. This Gravity Rush guide and walkthrough will serve as a complete strategy hub for the game, and will feature side quests, collectibles, and every other faucet of the game.

While Gravity Rush 2 features many of the same features and characters of the original game, players will also be introduced to new characters, locations, and game mechanics like new gravity styles and more.

Gravity Rush 2 Tips 

  • If you’re new to the world of Gravity Rush, or just haven’t played the original in a while, be sure to pay careful attention to the tutorial messages that pop up throughout the first few hours of gameplay.
  • Like the first game, you can control the speed at which you fall. Press and hold X to fall faster, and steer Kat using the Left Thumbstick.
  • Pressing R1 will cause Kat to float, allowing you to aim and choose a direction to fall. Press R1 to fall in that direction, and L1 to return gravity to normal.
  • You can collect Precious Gems by breaking open Ore deposits. These Gems are then used to upgrade Kat’s powers.
  • New Talismans will allow you to upgrade specific portions of Kat’s stats with bonuses like greater health, more Special Power, and even more Gravity power.
  • Choose your Power-ups carefully, as each one cost a substantial amount of Precious Gems. Once you have chosen a power, there is no going back, you’ll have to save up again if you want ot buy another one.
  • The audio cues in Gravity Rush 2 are just as important as the visual cues. Listen carefully to the world around you for clues about objectives, people, and even animals that you need to find along the way.
  • Completing side quests is a great way to earn additional Precious Gems and even Talismans. 

Gravity Rush 2 Walkthroughs

Here you’ll find various side quest walkthroughs to help you complete the different side missions in Gravity Rush 2. We’ll be updating this area more once the game releases next week.

Dream Doll, Angel Doll Side Quest Walkthrough
Find out how to complete the first side mission in Gravity Rush 2.

Fly Me Into the Storm Side Quest Walkthrough
Team up with Misai and help him perform a survey within a Gravity Storm.

Gravity Rush 2 Guides

In this section we’ll go over various systems in the game like the Power-up System, the Talisman system, and more. Be sure to check back for regular updates to this article once the game’s release grows nearer.

What’s New in Gravity Rush 2?
Not sure what Gravity Rush 2 is all about? Here are the differences between the first and second games.

The Best Power Ups
Find out which Power Ups are the best to grab early in the game.

How to Get More Talismans
Learn how to get more Talismans and increase the amount of abilities that Kat has.

How to Get More Precious Gems
Unlock more upgrades for Kat by collecting Precious Gems.

How to Get More Gravity Styles
Find out how to unlock new Gravity Styles in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Complete Treasure Hunts
Tackle these community-driven events with a handy guide to solving treasure hunts in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Fast Travel
Tired of flying everywhere? Learn how to use Manholes to fast travel in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Morph, Merge, and Recycle Talismans
Make the most of your aresenal of Talismans with this handy guide to merging, morphing, and recycling Kat’s special items.

How to Unlock new Costumes
Learn how to equip Kat with various outfits and costumes.

Combat Tips
Learn how to master combat in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Do Challenge Missions
Learn how to tackle Challenge Missions in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Get Dusty Tokens
Find out how to acquire this special currency and unlock special items and rewards.

That’s all there is to know about Gravity Rush 2. If you’re itching to dive into Kat’s newest adventure, be sure to pick the game up for PlayStation 4 when it releases on January 20. We’ll be updating this article with even more guides, walkthroughs, and various features about the game, so check back daily for updated information about Kat and her newest adventure.

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