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Fire Emblem Heroes Guide and Strategies

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on iOS and Android devices. In it, players travel to a far-off world that connects to the worlds of every Fire Emblem game ever. You’ll need to find new heroes and take on familiar enemies to save the world from evil once more. This Fire Emblem Heroes guide will act as a hub for all of our game content, so be sure to check back often for updates and new details about the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips

  • Fire Emblem Heroes combat works very similar to previous games in the series. Each weapon type has a weakness, and some enemy types will do better against others. Keep these weaknesses in mind when taking on new battles.
  • Battles are smaller and you can only take four allies with you onto the battlefield. Be sure to set up each team based on the mission’s enemy types to increase the chances of success.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new character team-ups. Nothing is wrong with changing out who your star players are.
  • Use your Stamina to the best of your ability. You can only hold 50 of it at one time, so try not to use it all at once.
  • It can be tempting to use all your Orbs quickly. Remember to follow the rules of summoning to make sure you aren’t wasting Orbs needlessly.
  • Complete missions to unlock more Orbs and increase the amount of characters that you can summon.
  • Pay careful attention to which missions you partake in and the enemy types that the mission caters to. This can be found on the mission’s icon, so you can prepare your team accordingly.
  • Make sure to upgrade your castle to allow you to hold more heroes at a time.
  • Summoning new heroes costs 5 Orbs to get started, but the more heroes you summon at one time, the more orbs you will save. The first hero costs 5 orbs, but the second, third, and fourth heroes will only cost 4 Orbs. Meanwhile, the final hero in each group will only cost you 3 Orbs to summon. This bonus is only applicable when summoning all five heroes at one time.

Fire Emblem Heroes Guides

Here you’ll find various guides and tips to help you conquer your enemies in Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Now that Fire Emblem Heroes is available around the world, players can begin to dive into the newest adventure from Nintendo’s acclaimed series. We’ll be diving into Fire Emblem quite a bit over the coming days, so stay tuned and check back often for updated guides, articles, and walkthroughs to help you get the most out of this new free to play game.

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