Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough and Guide – Weapon Upgrades, Dungeons, Side Quests

If you’re stuck in Final Fantasy 15, or finding things harder than they should be, we’ve got answers for you!

This Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide offers a number of tips and tricks, plus weapon upgrades, as well as a full walkthrough of Final Fantasy 15. What once began as Final Fantasy Versus 13 back in 2006 has finally been released as Final Fantasy 15 on November 29, 2016. The game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with various improvements if you play the game on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Over the next month we’ll be adding numerous articles and completing the walkthrough. For now sit back and relax with Square’s latest title and let us do all of the heavy lifting for you. We’ll be covering a wide variety of strategic areas in Final Fantasy 15, so if you get stuck, chances are we’ve got you covered.

Final Fantasy 15 Quick Tips

  • Items are very important in the early game so stock up on Potions, Elixirs and more.
  • Use Elixirs to replenish your maximum HP after dropping into a Danger state.
  • Take cover behind objects to replenish HP and MP.
  • If you Warp (Triangle or Y) to a higher vantage point you will replenish your MP.
  • Use the Wait combat mode and press and hold R1 or RB to determine a target’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t forget to check the Ascension menu when you have AP in order to learn new skills for Noctis and his friends.
  • To use magic spells you need to craft them in the Elemancy menu.
  • If you’re doing a lot of running, turn on the Stamina bar in the Options menu.
  • Stop by every diner and talk to the person behind the counter to add new locations to you map.
  • Talk to the diner manager to accept hunting quests for XP and gil.

Final Fantasy 15 Strategies

How to Fish
Learn how to wield your rod and catch fish in Final Fantasy 15.

Find the Best Fishing Gear
Learn how to obtain the Llymlaen Reel and Tranquility Rod, the best fishing gear in Final Fantasy 15.

Best Weapons in Final Fantasy 15
Find some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 15 so you can burn through the post game experience!

How to Find the Dungeon Key
If you want to access the mysterious doors in Final Fantasy 15 dungeons, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

How to Level Up Quickly
Gain loads of experience and use it to level up quickly with this handy guide.

Cactuar Location, Big Early Game XP Bonuses
Learn how to find this rare creature that rewards players with loads of experience.

How Open Combat Works
Come to grips with the new combat system in Final Fantasy 15 using these tips.

How to Use Elemancy
Learn how to use Final Fantasy 15’s new magic system.

Best Ascension Skills, How to Earn AP
Learn how to earn more AP and how to spend it in the Ascension menu.

Beast Whistle, AP Farming, Fast AP Gain
We’ve got some tips on farming AP and the Beast Whistle glitch in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Summon, All Summons and Astrals
Learn how to summon Astrals in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Get Ruby Light and Carbuncle
Find out how to get the Carbuncle Astral and the Ruby Light ability that comes with it.

More coming soon!

Final Fantasy 15 Weapon Upgrades

Rusted Bit Locations – A Better Engine Blade Quest
Learn how to upgrade your Engine Blade and complete this side quest from Cid at Hammerhead.

Glass Gemstone Locations – A Better Engine Blade II
Upgrade your Engine Blade a second time by finding these items and returning them to Cid at Hammerhead station.

Sturdy Helixhorn Locations – A Better Engine Blade III
Make your Engine Blade even more powerful by collecting this rare treasure and giving it to Cid back at Hammerhead station.

All Royal Arms Locations and Weapon Stats
While not a direct weapon upgrade, you can find the location of all 13 powerful Royal Arms weapons.

Find All Five Legendary Weapons
Learn how to complete the five quests that lead to the Legendary Weapons in Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – Departure
Work your way through the main and side quests in the first chapter of Square’s latest release.

How to Complete the Search and Rescue Side Quest in Chapter 1
Learn how to complete this challenging side quest in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – No Turning Back (Keycatrich Trench Dungeon)
We walk you through the second chapter, including the first dungeon, Keycatrich Trench.

Berried Memories Side Quest, How to get Ulwaat Berries
Learn how to find Ulwaat Berries and complete the Berried Memories side quest in Final Fantasy 15.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia Side Quest
Complete Cindy’s side quest to earn some experience points and the Enhanced Headlights for the Regalia.

Defeat the Aramusha Boss with Ease
We take a quick look at how to easily defeat Aramusha in Final Fantasy 15.

Post-Game Content in Final Fantasy 15
We’ve collected the endgame content you can get into once you complete Final Fantasy 15.

More coming soon!

Final Fantasy 15 Coverage

Final Fantasy 15 Active Time Report
Square Enix provided another update on the highly anticipated title!

Final Fantasy 15 – Magitek Armor, Combat and Magic Spells
We’ve got a few new details on magic spells and how they’ll impact combat in Final Fantasy 15!

Final Fantasy 15 – Kingdom Hearts Combat Comes to Final Fantasy
You control Noctis in the Kingdom Hearts-inspired combat system of the Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae demo.

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae Demo – Exploration
Explore the wilderness of the Duscae region, as Noctis and his friends do their best Monster Hunter impressions.

What to Expect from the Final Fantasy 15 Demo
The Episode Duscae demo will be here before you know it. You may even battle against a Titan!

Best Features of Final Fantasy 15 – Taking Cover, Driving
Find out what makes the expansive world of Final Fantasy 15 epic.

How does Final Fantasy 15 Compare to Final Fantasy 7?
Is Noctis better than Sephiroth? You may be surprised to hear how Cloud’s rivalries stack up against the new game.

Final Fantasy 15 Strategic Preview
If you want to get a sample of the Final Fantasy 15 battle system, you may want to pick up Kingdom Hearts.

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