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The Evil Within Walkthrough and Guide – Survival Tips

by Prima Games Staff

While players around the globe are still understandably stressed out and busy with Alien: Isolation and Surviving Sevastopol, Bethesda Softworks is giving them no quarter, releasing The Evil Within just one week after turning Amanda Ripley loose on the famous Xenomorph. There’s no doubt that back to back survival horror games are good for the genre, even if that may not translate to a relaxing time for the gamers that plan to tackle them.

Moving on from Alien: Isolation to The Evil Within, players will step into the shoes of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Flanked by a uniformed police officer named Connelly, as well as detectives Joseph and Kidman, the team heads out to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate reports of a mass murder. Players may recognize the voice of Julie “Kid” Kidman as Jennifer Carpenter, most famous for her role as Debra Morgan on the hit television show, Dexter.

That may not seem like a whole lot of back story, but that’s all that we’ll give you in this guide, choosing instead to help you survive the game’s unscripted events so that you can enjoy the cut scenes and unfolding plot the right way – with fear in your heart as you play through it.

On that note, here are some tips for survival.

  • This should go without saying, but save your game as much as possibe. To save, visit the Asylum hub and visit Nurse Tatiana. 
  • Stand still to recover lost sprint and health. 
  • Always be on the lookout for Green Gel to upgrade Sebastian Castellanos’ weapons and abilities.
  • We also suggest you break open Goddess Statues and pick up the Keys. You can use these to open lockers in the Asylum for loot.
  • Remember that axes and torches let you perform one-hit kills on different enemy types. These items will break after one use, and you should prepare to swing before the monster attacks.
  • Pick up parts in the game world to create new bolts for the Agony Crossbow. Press RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation to use these parts. 
  • Without upgrades, you can hold a maximum of three bolts for the Agony Crossbow, but only if you have one in the chamber.
  • Diffuse a trip wire trap? You can still make it explode by shooting it. It’s a great way to destroy a monster without wasting ammunition. 
  • To that end, dismantle traps and collect the parts.
  • Finally, reloard while moving, and make sure you know how many bullets you have remaining.

Chapter 1: An Emergency Call – Beacon Mental Hospital, Castellanos, Chainsaw

The opening chapter wastes little time plunging players into the depths of the Beacon Mental Hospital, asking them to evade the chainsaw wielding psycho and escape the compound.

Chapter 2: Remnants – Green Gel, Syringe, Handgun, Sneak Kill, Bear Traps

Although players got a feel for Detective Castellanos in the first chapter, this one serves more as an in-game tutorial, walking gamers through the various game mechanics.

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde – Chainsaw, Boss Fight, Shotgun

There are a lot of things to miss in this chapter, but with our guide you’ll pick up the Shotgun, Angony Crossbow, Chainsaw and even win the mission ending boss fight.

Chapter 4: The Patient – Ruvik, Spider, Shock Bolt

Basements full of blood, giant Spiders of death and Ruvik are all a part of this chapter. We’ll show you how to navigate through it all both quickly and safely.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses – Keycard, Control Panel, Spider Lady

The whole gang is back together with Kidman, Joseph and Costelllanos doing their best to survive Ruvik. Locate the Keycard and win the boss fight with a little help from us.

Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves – Sniper Rifle, Freeze Bolt, Boss Fight

Players will get their hands on a few new toys this chapter. Things such as the Sniper Rifle and Freeze Bolt will come in handy during the numerous boss fights.

Chapter 7: The Keeper – Lithograph, Box Head, Boss Fight, Leslie

Expect to encounter several traps throughout this linear mission, but near the end players will also need to defeat The Keeper. We have the perfect method for doing so.

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow – Bloody Relief Plate

Players can expect to get a break from the crazy boss fights in this chapter, but it’s not all fun and games. The Bloody Relief Plate must be handled with care.

Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions –  Escape Ruvik, Brain Puzzle, Blood Man

This chapter takes place in what we can only assume is Ruvik’s mansion, and players must locate the Upper Safe Dial and Lower Safe Dial to solve three brain puzzles.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman’s Tools – The Craftsman’s Tools – Rebirth Laura

Find each Battery Pack and defeate Rebirth Laura to survive one of the game’s longest and most challenging chapters.

Chapter 11: Reunion – Ruvik Boss Fight, Kidman, Joseph, Fatory Keycard

While it may lack the intensity of the previous chapter, players will have to battle Ruvik before reuniting with Joseph and Kidman under stressful circumstances.

Chapter 12: The Ride – Hemostatic, Kidman, Joseph, Boss Fight

Players will split their time between the giant spider boss fight and searching for the Hemostatic to save Joseph. Definitely one of the game’s more fun chapters.

Chapter 13: Casualties – The Keeper, Ruvik, Nurse Tatiana, Joseph

Make your way through the rubble, sneaking past your enemies and escaping The Keeper to reunite with Joseph, Leslie and Kidman.

Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives – Boss Fight, Subway, Freeze Bolt

Fight your way through the underground subway tunnels as you take on more of Ruvik’s twisted puzzles and creatures.

Chapter 15: An Evil Within – Final Boss and Ending, Kill Ruvik

Players will need to defeat The Keepr, The Sadist and Ruvik in order to save Leslie and escape the Beacon Mental Hospital once and for all.

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