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Ever Oasis Guide – All Secrets, Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Ever Oasis is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS that blends the tactical fun of an RPG with the satisfying management of a city builder. Players must take on the role of Chief of a brand-new Oasis, which they’ll have to build up and expand with new residents. This article will act as a hub for all of our Ever Oasis content, and we’ll continually update it with any and all information pertaining to the game’s various systems.

Ever Oasis will be available for the Nintendo 3DS family on June 23, so be sure to pick it up today and start your adventure as soon as the game launches!

Ever Oasis Tips

Residents make the world go round in Ever Oasis, and you’ll need all the help you can get on your adventure to make the biggest Oasis around. Be sure to complete objectives on your To-Do list, as this will often allow you to recruit residents into your Oasis, which will increase the size of all the main areas of the Oasis.

You can craft your own gear and items at the Synthesis Tree. Be sure to gather the resources and make sure you have enough healing items to survive the dangerous sands of the desert outside.

Keep Bloom Booths stocked to increase your resident’s happiness. Keeping their happiness high will increase your power, allowing you to have a much higher amount of HP than usual.

Party up with residents to maximize damage and power in the deserts, and make sure you bring plenty of healing items for everyone!

Venture out at night and defeat Chaos creatures in the desert to gain new items, drops, and more powerful pieces that will help make you even stronger.

Dodge enemy attacks and try not to let them hit you. You lose HP very quickly in Ever Oasis, and taking hits is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Limit interaction with monsters and always try to fight one monster at a time. Taking on multiple enemies can be extremely dangerous, especially during the early game.

Ever Oasis Guides

Here you’ll find an assortment of different articles that offer in-depth information about some of the most crucial systems in Ever Oasis. We’ll update this area quite a bit over the coming days, so check back often for new information about the game.

How to Expand Your Oasis
Learn how to expand your Oasis and increase the amount of space you have.

How to Unlock New Bloom Booths
Increase your income and bring on new Bloom Booths with this guide on how to unlock new Bloom Booths for residents.

How to Craft Your Own Gear
Get started on your adventure by learning how to craft new gear at the Synthesis Tree.

Check back constantly to see new updates to our guides, and we’ll be sure to keep you on your toes as you travel into the desert and take on the Chaos monsters waiting to destroy your Oasis.

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