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Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough and Guide – All Options

by Josh Hawkins

Detroit: Become Human is the latest sci-fi story from Quantic Dream, a company who has made a name for themselves by creating emotional and impacting stories like Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. Set in the future, the game follows three androids as they take on the trials of life, each in their own different way. This Detroit: Become Human guide and walkthrough will act as a hub for all of our strategy content for the game. Inside our Detroit: Become Human guide, you’ll find regular updates here each day after the game’s release so be sure to check back frequently.

Detroit: Become Human Quick Tips

  • When completing a mission, remember to explore each nook and cranny that you can. This can lead to new evidence, useful items, and open up new paths for you to take each character down.
  • Choices are important in Detroit: Become Human and the things that you say when dealing with people can drastically change the outcome of a character’s story. Keep this in mind throughout conversation and always try to find the best option that fits the way you’re playing each character.
  • Complete the game before you go back and experiment with different paths. The flowchart system allows for a vastly unique experience for almost every player. If you don’t like a choice you make, then try to stick with it and continue the game until the end. While it might not be the best outcome you could get, you’ll enjoy the experience more than if you cherry-pick all of your answers the first time through.
  • Replay the game. There is a ton of replay value here and each time that you play through the stories, the decisions you make can change the outcome drastically, giving you a unique experience each time. There are several ways that many chapters can end, so don’t be afraid to go back and experiment with choices after you beat Detroit: Become Human for the first time.

Detroit Become Human Walkthroughs

Here you will find a vast selection of in-depth walkthrough articles written to help you complete every ending in each chapter, as well as how to 100% complete each chapter along the way.

The Hostage
Complete the first mission and save the hostage in this thrilling opening mission.

Shades of ColorTake your first steps through the beautiful but tainted city of Detroit in the second main chapter of the game.

A New Home
Settle in as Kara, complete your chores, and build trust with Alice.

The Painter
Return with the paints and meet Markus’ handler.

Meet Lt. Anderson and investigate a new crime scene.

Stormy Night
Become Deviant and embark on a journey with Kara and Alice.

Complete this major chapter in Markus’ storyline.

The Interrogation
Interrogate the Deviant captured in Partners and find out what happened.

We’ll continue to update this article daily with new walkthroughs and guide content, so make sure you check back frequently to find out everything you need to know to complete Detroit: Become Human.

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