Players have already survived two of Willard Wyler’s nightmares, but the third has just begun. Transported to 1970s New York, players must fight to survive a new onslaught of zombies in one of America’s greatest ages, the age of disco. Featuring new kung-fu moves, new Easter eggs, and even more ways to take down the endless hordes of zombies chasing after them, Shaolin Shuffle is sure to be a fun romp for Call of Duty zombies fans. This guide will act as a hub for all of our Shaolin Shuffle content, and we’ll teach you everything that you need to know to survive the onslaught and make it out alive.

Shaolin Shuffle Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your disco-filled journey of horror.

  • Make use of the new kung-fu fighting forms to take out enemies and clear the way.
  • Bring along friends to make the fight easier to survive.
  • Don’t open up too many areas too quickly. While you should get the power turned on as soon as possible, opening up too many areas could prove fatal to your run.
  • Get used to the level before trying for the main easter eggs. These secrets are meant to be tough, and having a lay of the land before you set out on your journey can be helpful.
  • Make use of perks like Tuff ‘Nuff to extend your runs. Perks are there for a reason, so make sure you use them.
  • Horde your cash unless you absolutely need to spend it. Cash is your number one ticket to new guns, new areas, and an upgraded arsenal. Don’t waste it on weaker weapons when you could hold out for a good weapon that will take enemies down quicker.

Shaolin Shuffle Guides

Here you’ll find all sorts of guides and walkthroughs to help you accomplish every task in Shaolin Shuffle.

How to Turn on the Power
Learn how to turn the power on and activate the different perk machines.

How to Activate Pack-a-Punch
Learn how to find all the pieces and unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine.

How to Unlock all Chi Powers
Learn how to unlock and upgrade all of your Chi powers in Shaolin Shuffle.

This guide will contain everything you need to know to survive Shaolin Shuffle and make it out alive. We’ll be adding more guides to each daily, so check back often for updates and new information to help you solve all the riddles and learn all the new moves. You can also head over to our Zombies in Spaceland guide if you haven’t beaten the first mission in Infinite Warfare’s new zombies mode.