The FIFA 15 demo released this week and the full game appears on shelves September 23. Players will enjoy the best graphics in the series, enhanced animations and all sorts of cool touches to enhance the football experience, from LED billboards to the sound of the ball dinging off a post. Even cooler, the pitch degrades over time, hair moves realistically and players pick up grass stains. For more graphics features, click here.

On that note, here are the top 50 players in FIFA 15, ranked by EA Sports. We have little to say about players 50-30, but things get interesting with the top 20. Find out where Messi, Ronaldo and even Luis Suárez wound up. The results may surprise even the most diehard fan.

Best Players in FIFA 15: 50-41

Best Players in FIFA 15: 40-31

Best Players in FIFA 15: 30-21

Best Players in FIFA 15: 20-11

Best Players in FIFA 15: 10-1