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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Win All Boss Fights

by Prima Games Staff

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally available, fans across the globe donned their Spidey costumes to fight crime in the open world of Manhattan. Featuring a revamped web-swinging mechanic, several exhilarating boss fights and more costumes than a Halloween store, there’s much to experience. To help you beat all 14 missions, we wrote this The Amazing Spider-Man 2 guide that will walk you through any sticky situation.

Part 1: With Great Power – Uncle Ben

The first Spider-Man 2 mission is extremely short, its sole purpose to catch players up on the story and set the table for the events that follow. It features tips on some basic mechanics, so check it out.

Part 2: On the Trail of a Killer – Find Herman Schultz

This portion of the game continues to act as an introduction to the story, as well as a chance to learn a few of the play mechanics. We show you how to track down and defeat the thugs around the city, eventually putting you face-to-face with Herman Schultz, possibly the key to finding Uncle Ben’s killer.

Part 3: Live by the Sword – Catch Uncle Ben’s Killer

In order to pass this part of the game, players must complete several small objectives. Our guide will give you clear instructions on how to do that, eventually showing you how to get back home to Aunt May’s house, Spider-Man’s hideout and Peter Parker’s bedroom.

Part 4 – Raid on Oscorp – The Shocker Boss Fight

This will be your first real taste of objectives mixed in with somewhat challenging combat. We show you how to make your way to Oscorp, as well as how to release the coolants and secure the prototypes. The final part of this mission results in your first boss fight against Herman Schultz, The Shocker.

Part 5 – Day of the Hunter – Kraven the Hunter

This particular mission starts off with you having to deal with some petty crimes, fires and stand-offs. The second part will have you going to visit Kraven the Hunter. Assuming your real identity of Peter Parker, get to know Kraven a little more intimately.

Part 6 – Into the Lion’s Den – Take Down the Speedy

Hook up with Kraven again, this time doing a little surveillance on one of the gangs in Manhattan. Our guide will show you how to get your photos, follow the truck and earn yourself a new suit by using the Stealth Takedowns to clear out the hideout.

Part 7 – No One is Safe – Infiltrate the Russian Hideout

Make your way to a fundraiser being thrown by Wilson Fisk, a mountain of a man who doesn’t look like he would be a lot of fun to fight. We show you how to schmooze your way through the party, then take out all the gang members and rescue the hostage.

Part 8 – The Hunters and the Hunted – Defeat Cletus Kasady

Aside from the first mission, this one is likely the shortest. Meet up with Kraven to do a little recon on a man named Cletus Kasady, also known as the Carnage Killer. You’ll have to fight him, but with our easy to follow tips, something tells us you’ll come out on top.

Part 9 – Claws of the Cat – Black Cat Boss Fight

It’s been awhile since we had a good boss fight, which is lucky for us because starting with this mission, there’s a boss to defeat in every mission through the end of the game. This time out it’s Felicia Hardy, a woman who pesters Spider-Man under the name Black Cat. Find out how to defeat her with our guide.

Part 10 – My Ally, My Enemy – Kraven Boss Fight

Half of this mission involves running errands and the other half is a boss fight in Central Park against Kraven. It is one of the more difficult ones, but still completely manageable if you know what you’re doing. That’s where we come in. Check out our step-by-step guide to defeating Kraven.

Part 11 – The Kingpin of Crime – Kingpin Boss Fight

This is easily one of our favorite missions, and also the one that was shown by a developer before the game came out. You get a good dose of combat, stealth and then a pretty cool boss fight at the end. If you are having trouble with any part of the mission, check out our tips to beating it.

Part 12 – Power Surge – Electro Boss Fight

This mission is made up almost entirely of boss fights, and reminds us of the neon missions from the recently released inFAMOUS: Second Son. While we’re still not sure exactly why Electro is angry, we are still going to put a beating on him… here’s how.

Part 13 – The Green Goblin – Green Goblin Boss Fight

One day you’re playing basketball at his mansion, the next you’re in a battle to the death. Looks like the relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn has come to an end. If you’re struggling to take the Green Goblin down, we’ve got your covered.

Part 14 – Maximum Carnage – Carnage Boss Fight

We’re not big fans of Cletus Kasady, which is good because we get to fight him in this mission. After you make your way through Ravencroft, it’s time to throw down with Carnage. While this mission seemed tough at first, we found a really easy way to beat him. Check it out.