Roblox Venture Tale Codes (June 2023)

Venture out on the Tale of a lifetime!

I strap my sword and shield to my person, decked out in layers of armor, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime in Venture Tales, an exciting RPG adventure set within the world of Roblox. In this world, I’ve found countless dungeons and exciting new lands to explore appear before my very eyes, and plenty of combat to take part in. If you’ve been searching for an action-packed RPG full to the brim with content, you can stop your search after all this time. There are also tons of codes available that you utilize, so let’s jump into this world and find out what we can look forward to in Venture Tale for Roblox..

All Currently Available Codes In Venture Tale

Below, you’ll find all of the currently available codes in Venture Tale, alongside some questions asked by players and community members.

All Venture Tale Codes (Working)

  • hydrasaredangerous – x100 Ayagems, x10 Eterna Chunks
  • miningcatgirl – x10 Eterna Chunks, x150 Ayagems, x5 Scroll of the Scholar
  • 10mvisits – x100 Ayagems, Scrolls
  • 20fivethousand – x100 Ayagems, Scrolls
  • 9kamazing – x100 Ayagems

All Venture Tale Codes (Expired)

  • mrsclawshasagiftforyou
  • vibin2022
  • railgunner
  • feastonpumpkins
  • guildgirlbestgirl
  • katanarelease
  • savethegoblings
  • enchanted
  • released
  • gobbylored
  • sixthousandlikes
  • 4klikes
  • spidermommy

How Do I Redeem My Codes In Venture Tale?

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you’re looking to redeem any codes in this experience, you’ll want to follow these instructions:

  • Complete the Tutorial Mission with Guild Girl
  • Enter the Spawn Town
  • Find the Codes & Rewards NPC
  • Approach them and press F to interact with them
  • Click Codes
  • Enter your codes from the list above
  • Click Redeem to get your rewards
  • Click Close to exit window

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Venture Tale?

If you’re running into an issue redeeming your codes in Venture Tale, there are a few different reasons why this may be the case. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve followed the correct spelling and capitalization listed above to get your free rewards. If you misspell a code, you won’t be able to claim the rewards. If you’re running into issues, please copy and paste the codes from above to ensure you don’t run into any issues getting your items.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Venture Tale?

When it comes to getting more items in Venture Tale, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve bookmarked our page. We’re always searching high and low to get our hands on the newest codes, and this is an experience to keep an eye on. We also post codes for plenty of other experiences in our Roblox Codes section at the bottom of this page. If you’re trying to find some before we can get them posted, however, there are a few different places you can check.

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First, you’ll want to check the official Venture Tale Twitter account, where the developers will post information about upcoming updates, codes, and much more. You can also join the official Venture Tale Discord Channel, where you’ll be able to find more players to go through Dungeons with, and level up together with. It’s a great game to play solo, but even better with some friends.

How Do I Start A Quest In Venture Tale?

If you’re looking to start a quest, you’ll want to head just slightly to the left of the Codes & Rewards NPC character that you’ve interacted with to the large Play area. Here, you’ll find a variety of different quests available to partake in, so you’ll never run out of things to do. With the addition of a fourth set of dungeons, you’ll have countless hours of questing ahead of you either on your own or with a group.

What Is Venture Tale On Roblox?

Venture Tale is an RPG that sends you out on the adventure of a lifetime. Either using ranged weapons, swords, or magic, you’ll need to work your way through cleverly crafted dungeons, new and exciting areas that you may have never explored before, and so much more. There is a ton of content in this experience, so you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t playing anything else for the time being, or you may lose track of where you were when you finally can break away from this one.

If you’re looking for another exciting combat experience on Roblox, be sure to check out Tangled-Web Chronicles. This experience puts you in the shoes of Spider-Man, letting you explore a huge version of New York with some of the best web-slinging physics in a video game. You can also find more experiences to jump into and plenty more codes in our Roblox sections below.

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