Roblox Teapot Tower Defenders Codes (June 2023)

I'm a little teapot.

Tower Defense is a popular subgenre of games on the Roblox platform, and Teapot Tower Defenders is looking to take the top spot as your new favorite experience. When I first spawned into this world, I was lost, confused, and didn’t know what to do. But after completing a few different waves and learning more about what was on offer, I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen. Thankfully, this exciting new addition to the Tower Defense crew comes with plenty of codes that can help you get ahead of the curve, so let’s get ready to defend and start redeeming some great new codes.

All Currently Available Codes For Teapot Tower Defenders

Below, you’ll find all of the available Teapot Tower Defenders codes, alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Teapot Tower Defenders Codes (Working)

  • WELOVELIKES – Free Rewards
  • YAY – Free Rewards
  • ENGI – 50 Points

All Teapot Tower Defenders Codes (Expired)

  • GoneWrong3AM
  • Bucket
  • Carpet

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How Do I Redeem Codes In Teapot Tower Defenders?

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you’re looking to redeem your codes in this experience, you’ll just have a few steps you’ll need to follow. The first thing you’ll need to do is click on the gift icon, located in the bottom left of the screen. Once you have clicked on that, you’ll see a new window open up where you can enter your codes. Type them in here, and click Confirm Code to get instant confirmation that your rewards have been received.

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Teapot Tower Defenders?

The first thing you’ll need to check with any experience is that you’ve spelled the codes correctly. Certain experiences will also require you to follow a specific capitalization structure, so if you’re running into issues with verified codes not working, make sure you’ve entered them exactly as they are shown above. You can also copy and paste them directly from our page and put them into the experience, as we test every code before we post them here.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Teapot Tower Defenders?

If you’re looking to get more codes, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve bookmarked our page. We’ve always got our eyes peeled for new codes, so you can check back in on this page to see if we have any new codes available for you to use. Otherwise, if you are hoping to beat us at our own game, you can always check the following spots for new codes.

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The first place you’ll want to check is the Teapot Tower Defense Discord Server, where you can find more players to play with, as well as information about updates and codes. You can also check the Teapot Tower Defense Roblox Group if you’re hoping to find more information about the experience and maybe find some new players to play with.

How Do I Get More Units In Teapot Tower Defense?

As you start taking on more waves of enemies, you’ll need to start getting new units. To do this, you’ll want to click on the shopping bag icon located on the left side of the screen and use the cash that you’ve earned from winning battles to start purchasing new units. It may take a bit of grinding to start getting some of the best units, but you’ll find it almost impossible to stop playing when you start that you’ll be able to get these units with ease.

What Is Teapot Tower Defense on Roblox?

If you’re searching for a new Tower Defense experience to jump into with your friends, Teapot Tower Defense may be the perfect one for you. Starting easy and gradually becoming rather difficult, you’ll need to use your smarts to figure out how to challenge these increasingly terrifying enemies. It helps that this experience has some great humor in it with some of the designs, so you’ll never feel salty, even if you happen to lose the battle that you’ve jumped into. No matter if you’re playing solo or with your friends, there is always something to look forward to with this one.

If you’re hoping to find another excellent multiplayer game to jump into, make sure that you check out First 3 Player Tycoon. Tycoon games can be rather relaxing as you work toward making tons of cash, and there are a fair number of codes available to make it easier than expected to get started. You should also make sure to check out our Roblox section below to get your hands on more codes and find new experiences to lose yourself in, no matter your preferred genre.

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