Roblox Sling Codes (October 2023)

Bounce your way to the top in this unique simulator.

Updated: October 16, 2023

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If you’re anything like me, the idea of a simple game to lose countless hours to sounds like a dream come true. But, what if you took that concept, and made everything much more bouncy? That’s where Sling comes into play, taking inspiration from classic games like Breakout, and implementing it into the Simulator formula. Using a ton of different pets and bouncing balls, you’ll need to shoot your shot and make sure that they don’t come back for a while to rack up plenty of points. But, are there any codes that you can use to get a head start on your new favorite simulator? Let’s find out. Here are all currently available Sling codes in Roblox.

All Currently Available Sling Codes In Roblox

Below, you’ll find all of the codes available for Sling, alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Sling Codes (Working)

  • LENGTHYLUCK – x3 Hours of x2 Luck (New)
  • SLIGHTLYLATEUPDATE – x30 Minutes of x2 Luck
  • SORRY – x1 Hour of x2 Luck
  • GLOWINGBLUEMUSHROOMS – x10 Minutes of Shiny Luck
  • WORLDGATE – x10 Minutes of Shiny Luck
  • YAY SERIALS – x2 Luck (10 Minutes)
  • YAYTRADING – x2 Luck (10 Minutes)
  • TO THE MOON – x2 Luck (10 Minutes)

All Sling Codes (Expired)

  • MONEYPLS – x2 Money (10 Minutes)
  • – x2 Luck (10 Minutes)

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How Do I Redeem Codes In Sling?

When redeeming a code in Sling, you’ll just need to follow a few steps. The first thing you’ll want to do is click on the Blue Bird Icon on the left side of your screen. After you have done that, a second window will pop up, asking you to type in your code. Do that, and hit Submit to get your free goodies.

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Sling?

If you’re running into problems trying to redeem your codes in Sling, there is a chance that they could be misspelled or not capitalized correctly. This experience does require you to keep things in all caps when it asks for them, so if you don’t do that, you won’t get your codes. Feel free to copy them directly from our page to get your items.

Also, do note, there is a small window of time after redeeming a code that you can’t type. Just have a little patience, and you’ll be able to punch in another code shortly after you finished off the last one.

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Where Can I Get More Codes For Sling?

If you’re looking to get more codes, the first thing that you’ll want to do is bookmark this page. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for new codes daily, so you can always check back and see what is available. If you’re hoping to get ahead of us, however, there are a few ways that you may be able to spot codes a little quicker than us.

The first thing you’ll want to do is follow the Twitter Page of the developer, @Sylentlyy. Not only does she post new updates about the experience itself, but also gives out plenty of codes and news about Sling. You can also join the official Sling Discord Channel if you’re hoping to find some new codes, or just talk to players that also love this experience.

How Do I Get More Points In Sling?

After completing a rather informative tutorial, you’re set out on your own. What next? Well, you’ll want to start practicing your shots and upgrading your bag to keep more blocks in. If you get lucky enough to keep your balls bouncing behind a wall of bricks, you’ll see that your bag can fill up rather quickly. If you keep selling your blocks and start upgrading your equipment more often, you’ll find that this is going to help you become rich quickly. Or, if you’re looking to spend some Robux, you can buy a never-ending bag that will never get full, so you can just let the balls and pets do all the work.

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What Is Sling On Roblox?

Sling is a rather unique simulator title that tasks you with breaking blocks to get money. As you send out the balls in your inventory, you’ll want to aim them carefully so you can keep them bouncing, and you can keep raking in the money. You’ll need to be smart about where you’re shooting, and the more blocks you break, the more cash you’ll bring in. You can also employ the help of pets that give you more power, so you can break those pesky treasure chests open with ease.

When it comes to simulators on Roblox, there are a lot of them that just feel too similar to one another, which is why I’m really enjoying my time with Sticker Monsters Simulator. This unique take on the genre feels like a mashup of Pokemon and Paper Mario, so it not only has that great nostalgia factor, but it plays and looks great. With a variety of unique creatures to gather up, you’ll be playing from dusk until dawn before you know what hits you. If you’re searching for more unique experiences to jump into, or just want more codes for your favorite games, be sure to check out our Roblox section below to find everything you could need.

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