Roblox Rider World Codes (June 2023)

Henshin a go-go.

No matter if you grew up watching Power Rangers like I did, or you’ve just been excited about anything Japan has done, Kamen Rider is a well-known property with not a lot of video game representation in the United States. That’s why it’s very interesting to see Rider World receive a huge boost of popularity on the Roblox platform, but I’m never going to complain about more Kamen Rider, or Masked Rider, in my life. Let’s find out what makes this one so exciting, and find out if there are any codes we can use to make the game easier to get into.

All Currently Available Rider World Codes

Below, you’ll find a list of all of the Rider World codes that are available to use, alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Rider World Codes (Working)

  • release – Dimension Fragments
  • 2klikes – Dimension Fragments
  • egg – Smart’s Gearbox Item
  • Alfa – Dimension Fragments
  • 600k – Dimension Fragments
  • Huyotaku – Mirror Card
  • SheepTrainer – Mirror Card
  • Miraikuroi – Mirror Card
  • free- Dimension Fragments
  • KNTR – Mirror Card
  • v6 – Contract Card Item
  • henshin – 300 Yen
  • odin – 300 Yen

All Rider World Codes (Expired)

  • free2klikes
  • 1st
  • 8kfavs
  • 9kfavs

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How Do I Enter Codes In Rider World?

Screenshot: Prima Games

The way to enter codes in Riders World is a bit convoluted and confusing, so make sure to follow these steps. First, you’ll want to click on your Rider Portrait in the top left side of the screen. It will also display the word Menu within the face. Once you have done this, a new window will pop up, so you’ll need to locate Redeem Code on the right side of the screen. Now that you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to enter in the code. Plug in any of the codes from above, and you’ll just want to click on Redeem once again. Everything will go away, so click Redeem Code again and repeat the process until you’ve claimed all of the goodies.

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Rider World?

You’ll need to make sure that your codes are spelled correctly and capitalized exactly as we posted them. Feel free to copy and paste them from our page if you’re hoping to get your items without much work. Since these codes can be a little tricky, it wouldn’t hurt to do it that way. You’ll find out quickly if your code did not work, as it will send you an error and say Code Not Found.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Rider World?

For those hoping to transform quickly, you should bookmark this page. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on every corner possible to ensure we can bring you codes as quickly as possible. But, if you’re hoping to get a head start on us, we’ve got a place you can check.

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The Rider World Discord Server is going to be the best place to check for new codes, especially if you’re a big fan of the game. You can meet up with other players, and find out what makes this game work the way it does. You can also team up with new friends that you make to make this one of the most exciting experiences on the platform.

Control Guide For Rider World – How To Play And Transform

Rider World is a rather bombastic game, but you’ll also find that it can be a touch confusing when you first start it up. Thankfully, we’ve got a control guide here for you so you’ll never feel confused again.

  • W/A/S/D – Movement
  • Q – Dash
  • H – Henshin/Transform
  • T – Henshin/Transform (Other Rider)
  • F – Block
  • Z- Rest

What Is Rider World on Roblox?

Rider World is a love letter to Kamen Rider, and while a little rough around the edges, provides some well-needed representation for the franchise in a new form. You’ll be able to challenge enemies, transform into a Rider and use their special abilities, and so much more as you progress through this role-playing game. It’s a fun title, and something you could easily find yourself losing countless hours into, especially as more updates make their way down the pipeline.

If you’re trying to find another fun experience to jump into, make sure you check out Project Mugetsu, a Bleach-inspired experience that places you right in the world of the popular anime/manga. And, be sure to check out our Roblox sections below for more codes, and chances to find new experiences you may have never heard of before.

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