Overmortal Codes (August 2023)

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If you’re a fan of far-east fantasy themes, Overmortal is definitely something that you should try out. It is an Idle RPG mobile game that’s dubbed “Eastern Fantasy Wuxia” by the developers LTGames Global. There are martial arts, magic, and alchemy involved, all with an anime style, so if this sounds like the game for you, check out our list of currently active promotional codes that will score you free resources.

All Overmortal Codes List

Here are all of the active codes for Overmortal:

Working Overmortal Codes (Active)

  • Congratulations—Grants you rewards (Global only)
  • om999—Grants you 100 Fateum and Treasure Token (SEA only)
  • om444—Grants you 100 Fateum and Treasure Token (SEA only)
  • gift999—Grants you 100 Fateum and Treasure Token (SEA only)

Expired Overmortal Codes

  • kao999—Grants you rewards (SEA only)
  • kao555—Grants you rewards (SEA only)
  • gift444—Grants you rewards (SEA only)
  • Starlight—Grants you rewards
  • Fantastic—Grants you rewards
  • Blossom—Grants you rewards
  • Destiny—Grants you rewards
  • Smile—Grants you rewards
  • Cheerful—Grants you rewards
  • Monkeyking—Grants you rewards
  • findkao—Grants you rewards
  • harmony—Grants you rewards
  • August—Grants you rewards
  • Bliss—Grants you rewards
  • Exuberance—Grants you rewards
  • Jubilation—Grants you rewards
  • Serendipity—Grants you rewards
  • June—Grants you rewards
  • Enlightenment—Grants you rewards
  • Cultivation—Grants you rewards
  • Transcendence—Grants you rewards
  • Eternity—Grants you rewards
  • Prudent—Grants you rewards
  • Cautious—Grants you rewards
  • Modest—Grants you rewards
  • Happiness—Grants you rewards
  • Omnipotence—Grants you rewards
  • Paradise—Grants you rewards
  • Refreshment—Grants you rewards
  • Finalword—Grants you rewards
  • Headwind—Grants you rewards
  • BecomeDivinity—Grants you rewards

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How to Redeem Codes in Overmortal

Redeeming codes in Overmortal is not complicated. When you are in-game, tap on your profile picture in the top-left corner. Then follow these steps:

  1. Tap on “Gift Code.”
  2. Tap on “Enter the gift code” and enter the code exactly as it’s written in the list above.
  3. Tap on “Confirm.” You will be informed if the redemption is successful.
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How Can You Get More Overmortal Codes?

First of all, we recommend that you bookmark this web page because we are actively searching for new codes frequently and post new ones when they appear. If you want to go on a code-hunting adventure on your own, here are the top five official resources where you will most likely find a new code or two:

Why Are Some Overmortal Codes Not Working?

Our experience has taught us that there are two common reasons for a code not to work:

  1. It expired. Developers usually leave every code up for a limited amount of time.
  2. There’s a typo. To ensure no typos happen, copy the code from this article and paste it directly in-game.

How to Get More Free Overmortal Rewards

In Overmortal, there is a good amount of quests that you can do. Occasionally, there will be other rewards posted by the developers in your in-game inbox, so check it from time to time.

What is Overmortal?

Overmortal is an Idle RPG game inspired by Wuxia. You can build and level your own character, explore the world, and fight various supernatural beings; the game has it all. If you want to try another Idle RPG game, make sure to check out Super Snail Codes.

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