Five Best Creative Map Codes in Fall Guys

Looking for some new Fall Guys Creative maps to explore?

Fall Guys has been around since 2020 and has been free to play since Epic Games acquired the Battle Royale title back in 2021. The game’s popularity exploded over the past few years, especially with its addition of creative maps that gamers can both create and partake in. Below you can view the best five creative map codes in Fall Guys.

Five Creative Map Codes for Gamers to Play in Fall Guys

Much like Fortnite and Roblox, Fall Guys gives players a chance to create and share their very own maps for people to play. This has given the game that extra spunk, making it branch out from just being a Battle Royale.

So what maps should people be exploring? Here is a list of the best five.

5. Snek!

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Snek! is one of the more ambitious maps found in Fall Guys. Created by Cold_Salamander_3594 on Reddit, the game features a large obstacle course shaped like a giant snake. For players to complete the challenge, they will have to make their way through the mouth of the snake and escape out of its tail.

Snek! Map Code:

  • 2734-5123-1618

4. NeedforSpeed

Image via u/PaullyNaz on Reddit.

Developed by PaullyNaz on Reddit, the NeedforSpeed Fall Guys creative map is a fast-paced adventure that puts you on a high-stakes obstacle course. The main challenge of this map is the influx of fans throughout the map, making your character run at extreme speeds.

NeedforSpeed Map Code:

  • 3438-3341-2184

3. Terminal Slime-ocity

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Much like Nickelodeon, the Terminal Slime-ocity map made by Weaselsnaps on Reddit is another fast-paced Fall Guys race that has players sliding throughout the course on slime slides. The map also features a multitude of bounce pads, which makes the competition much more challenging.

Terminal Slime-ocity Map Code:

  • 9541-0497-1157

2. Rainbow Road

Image via u/shiendnwb on Reddit.

Instead of Mario Kart, Rainbow Road is now a track to race along in Fall Guys. The colorful map, made by shiendnwb on Reddit, is exactly as the name says. Follow a long and winding rainbow road until the end, avoiding multiple obstacles along the way.

Rainbow Road Map Code:

  • 9296-2946-0438

1. Avalanche (Survival)

Image via u/CosmoCavalier on Reddit.

Coming in at number one on our list of the best Fall Guys Creative Map codes is Avalanche. Avalanche, developed by CosmoCavalier on Reddit, is a survival-based map that puts your character on a platform of slime, directly in front of a ramp which falling objects are flying down. The objective is to last the entire 90 seconds without getting hit by an object and knocked off of the platform. Not only is this map incredibly fun and entertaining, but it is extremely challenging, making it number one on our list.

Looking for more Fall Guys Creative map codes? Check out the r/FallGuysCreative Reddit page for more map codes!

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