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Fire Force Online Codes

Fire Force, assemble!

Hello, fellow Roblox fans! Fire Force Online is a new popular manga-based Experience developed by d_avidd, TomDFresh, draculaoji, and MoltenPrime. In this Experience, you will be able to level up your character, do a lot of quests, unlock powerful clans, and of course, engage in PvP activities. If you are in need of fresh Fire Force Online codes that will help you get started, you’ve come to the right place here at Prima Games.

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All Fire Force Online Codes List

Fire Force Online Codes (Working)

  • AUGMENTV2—Grants you 80 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • MEDICINE—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • ARCADE—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • CHRISTMASPART2—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • CHRISTMASCHEER—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • DRAGONABILITY—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • DESERTRAIDZ—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • SorryForBugzz—Grants you 30 Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK11—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • CORNATIME—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK9—Grants you Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK8—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK7—Grants you 30 Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK6—Grants you 30 Reroll Tokens
  • WEEK5—Grants you 40 Reroll Tokens
  • INFERNALFIXES—Grants you 30 Reroll Tokens
  • PLAYRANKED—Grants you 1 Clan Reroll
  • ProgressionFixes—Grants you a Gen Reroll and an Ability Reroll
  • ADOLLAISREAL—Grants you 3 Ability Rerolls, 3 Generation Rerolls, a Skill Tree Reset, and 2 Clan Rerolls
  • Hotfixes—Grants you Reroll
  • AdollaSoon—Grants you Reroll
  • GIFT4YOU—Grants you Reroll
  • 45KLIKES—Grants you Reroll
  • 11MVISITS—Grants you Reroll
  • 40KLIKES—Grants you Reroll
  • FFOISBACK—Grants you 1 Ability Reroll, 1 Gen Reroll, and 1 Clan Reroll
  • ASHUPDATE—Grants you Reroll
  • MOBILEISHERE—Grants you 1x Ability Reroll
  • NILEANDKIZA—Grants you 1x Ability Reroll
  • 30KLIKES—Grants you an Ability Reroll and a Gen Reroll
  • 5MILLIONVISITS—Grants you Reroll
  • SNICKERDOODLE—Grants you Reroll
  • 25KLIKES—Grants you Reroll
  • OOPSIEDAISY—Grants you 1 Clan Reroll
  • 3MILLIONVISITS—Grants you a Generational Reroll
  • 15KLIKES—Grants you a Generation Reroll (New!)
  • 10KLIKES—Grants you 1x Ability Reroll
  • Sorry4Bugs—Grants you 2x Ability Reroll, 2x Clan Reroll and 1x Generation Reroll
  • Colors4You—Grants you 2x Eye Color Reroll and 2x Hair Color Reroll

Fire Force Online Codes (Expired)

  • Codes4You—Grants you in-game rewards

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How to Redeem Codes in Fire Force Online

To Redeem Codes in Fire Force, press M while in-game. In the menu that pops up, click on the cogwheel icon located on the far left side (as seen in the slideshow below). After that, you will see a dialogue box that reads: “Enter Code”. In that field, paste the code from this article and click the green “Go” button. You will be informed if the code entry is successful or not, and if it is, you will see what you’ve been granted.

How can you get more Fire Force Online codes?

The best idea to get more Fire Force Online codes is to consult the following official resources:

We try to update the article with codes as soon as possible.

Why are my Fire Force Online codes not working?

There are two main reasons why the codes are not working:

  1. You have made an accidental typo, additional space, or anything similar. Codes are case sensitive and we always advise you to paste them from the article into the Experience menu.
  2. The code has simply expired. Developers of Roblox Experiences usually shut off codes after a while.

How to Play Fire Force Online

Controls of Fire Force Online are pretty basic:

Basic Controls:  SHIFT/Double tap W = run Q = dash Mouse 1 = Light Attack Mouse 2 = Heavy Attack Run + Jump + Mouse 1 = Aerial Attack Jump + Mouse 2 = Ground Slam F = Block F + Mouse 1 = Counter B = Execute V = Carry M = Menu P = Toggle Party

What is Fire Force Online?

Fire Force Online is a new popular Roblox Experience based on the popular manga series “Fire Force” (Enen no Shouboutai). Enroll in the Fire Force, fight the infernals, and immerse yourself in this manga story.

That’s all that we’ve got for Fire Force Online codes so far. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back later for an update. Until then, I recommend reads such as How to contact Roblox support and Can you be unbanned In Roblox? – answered right here at Prima Games.

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