It seems that the subscription service route is the way to go recently. With Xbox's Game Pass continuing to defy expectations and PlayStation getting back into the ring, it looks like Ubisoft may be setting up to reveal their own membership for E3 this year - at least if a recent leak is accurate. 

The Ubisoft Store has given us some pretty accurate intel over the past couple of years, including leaking Ghost Recon Breakpoint ahead of its official reveal. Now it looks like the store has done it again, because a few fans have noticed an interesting placeholder on the site itself.

The placeholder, seen here on Resetera, has been reported by numerous Ubisoft fans, making it seem much more likely than a simple photoshop job or random glitch. Up until this point, the studio hasn't offered any sort of subscription membership, though they definitely have enough titles to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, the image doesn't contain any details such as a release date or price, but the placeholder does bode well for an imminent reveal. 

Given that the placeholder mentions "premium," it's likely that the membership will offer different tiers in order to entice pass owners to get more bang with their buck. With E3 less than two weeks away, it's possible we could be getting a reveal before their showcase, though if not - confirmation isn't a long way off. 

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