Plants Sunflower

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Plants Sunflower

The Sunflower is the backbone of the plant army and keeps her teammates in the fight with her superior healing and sunny personality. She prefers to stay near the back of the fight, lending assistance with her long-range attacks.

Primary Weapon: Sun Pulse
Available Upgrades
  • Photosynthesis Upgrade: Converts sunlight into extra energy that helps her reload faster.
  • Extra Sunlight!: An extended suntanning session results in increased sunlight ammo capacity.
  • Super Nova Sunlight: Converts the power of the sun into a more damaging Sun Pulse.

Looking for unorthodox weaponry? Like the ability to heal yourself and others? Or maybe you’re just a fan of The Cute™? Then the Sunflower is for you. The Sunflower and her Variants let loose an array of armaments drawn from dazzling, hot-blooded solar power! Whether it’s mobile, rapid Sun Pulses or stationary, concentrated Sunbeams, Sunflower knows how to light up a party. All this and the healing power of love, too—the Sunflower can leave health-doling Heal Flowers for all teammates to use, or send out her own rays to keep those close to her from being vanquished by regenerating their health. Keep her at mid-range in the combat lines, and always close to other plants, for best results.

Special Abilities

Heal Beam

If the Sunflower stays close to her targets, she can use her Heal Beam to keep them alive.

The Heal Beam sends a constant healing ray toward your closest teammate or defense. Heal Spawnable Plants, or accompany a plant with heavier firepower into battle. You can also use your Sun Pulse while healing so you’re not completely vulnerable. Even as few as two Sunflowers supporting a small squad of other types of plants with Heal Beams can be tough to beat.


The Sunflower can dig into the ground and root herself in place. This allows her to unleash a devastating beam of sunlight at the zombies.

This is a huge, concentrated light beam which, while it can be moved around, is best used while aiming in one direction. Once the Sunbeam locks on a target, its health is sucked away faster than a vacuum cleaner. Like the Peashooter, the Sunflower roots itself down and becomes vulnerable to fire, but the ends easily justify the means.

Heal Flower

Heal Flower can be deployed to help keep both herself and her teammates in the fight.

Heal Flowers constantly dole out little healing sundrops for you and your fellow plants to pick up. Keep them just to the back of your squad skirmishes, place them near bases to be defended, use them to help out fellow plants with low health, or simply drop one when you’re unexpectedly in trouble. You’ll be surprised just how handy they can be, and in how many situations.


Mystic Flower

The Mystic Flower is terribly mysterious. Some think she came from the past. Others believe she came from the future. Crazy Dave thinks she came from the leftovers in his fridge.

Primary Weapon: Mysterious Energy
Available Upgrades
  • Mysterious Reloading Technique: An ancient reloading technique allows for a far faster and more mysterious reload.
  • More Mystery Power: Ammo capacity is increased in a most mysterious way.
  • Kinetic Damage Boost: Mysteriously enhances her mysterious energy damage output.

The Mystic Flower has very little ammo, but each and every single round of Mysterious Energy you have can be charged up to let loose a super-powerful shot! It takes a while, though, so either make yourself scarce during charging, or have your pals distract the enemy—then let them have it!

Power Flower

The Power Flower came from over-tanning one day, absorbing too much of the sun’s strength. This causes her to continuously vent a powerful energy.

Primary Weapon: Power Pulse
Available Upgrades
  • Electrified Whiplash Reload: While whiplash is bad, faster reloading is good. So it’s worth it!
  • Static Buildup: A Static Buildup allows for increased ammo capacity.
  • Power of Powers: The Power of Powers creates a more powerful charge.

The Power Pulse gives a little extra speed and damage factor to the Sun Pulse, making it a little more versatile in battle. Its shots also crackle and spread outward slightly upon impact. However, all this comes at the cost of reduced ammunition, so you’ll have a decision to make. Beyond that, all other standard Sunflower strategies apply when using this Class.

Fire Flower

Rumor has it that a Sunflower once went on a date with a Fire Pea....

Primary Weapon: Flame Pulse
Available Upgrades
  • Flaming Reload: Flaming Reload provides a quick way to improve reload speed.
  • Longer-Burning Petals: Longer-Burning Petals create the ability to store extra ammo.
  • Extra Hotness!: Damage is enhanced by the hotness!

The Fire Pulse combines the health-draining functions of a fire weapon with the speed and versatility of the Sun Pulse. Keep the pressure on, as even a single hit from this rapid-fire baby can keep the draining effect going. This naturally makes this weapon great as cover or suppression fire.

Shadow Flower

The Shadow Flower works from the darkness, righting wrongs and singing songs—her mask disguises her true Sunflower heritage.

Primary Weapon: Dark Energy
Available Upgrades
  • Shadowy Reload Technique: A shadowy technique that allows her to collect light in a way that helps her reload faster.
  • Dark Energy Collector: Dark Energy storage allows for higher ammo capacity.
  • Particle Accelerator: Accelerated dark matter particles increase damage.

Dark Energy has a slightly faster rate of fire than your standard Sun Pulse, offset by slightly shorter range. If you like weaving in and out of fighting ranks while getting in whatever hits you can, choose the Shadow Flower.

Metal Petal

Metal Petal is an armored Sunflower. While the metal weighs her down, making her slower than other Sunflowers, she has the added benefit of higher health.

Primary Weapon: Metal Blast
Available Upgrades
  • Artificial Reload Upgrade: A slightly more artificial reload results in a slight reload speed increase.
  • More Metal Shard Ammo: Metal shard surplus results in increased ammo capacity.
  • Sharper Metal Flakes: Sharper Metal Flakes cause more damage.

Her description says it all—if you need a Sunflower who can take even more than what she can dish out, and get all her teammates home in one piece, pick up a Metal Petal. While you can stand more hits from enemies, don’t veer too close to their lines if you can help it—her lower movement speed makes it tougher for her to escape a sticky situation, even with her extra armor.

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