The more heroes and villains you have at your disposal, the easier Free Play becomes in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Here we list the top five characters that we recommend you unlock after beating Story Mode. Note that you must activate the city’s many Batcomputer Remote Terminals in order to expose villains.

Character 1: The Joker

The Joker is a fantastic character to unlock thanks to his array of useful and unique skills. Only the green-haired ghoul can open special Joker boxes hidden in the levels, which often contain minikits that you couldn’t claim without the Joker’s help. The Joker is also able to activate electric switches with his trademark joybuzzer, which comes in handy when Electricity Suit signals aren’t nearby for Batman. After beating Story Mode, fly to the top of the Ace Chemicals building and defeat the Joker, then purchase him for 250,000 studs.

Character 2: Lex Luthor

Superman’s longtime adversary is the only character that possesses the Deconstructor: a powerful weapon that’s needed to obtain many goodies in Gotham. Beat Story Mode, then visit the Yacht Club and defeat Lex Luthor one last time to make him available for purchase. It’ll cost you 250,000 studs to unlock this valuable villain, whose Deconstructor is the only thing capable of ripping apart black LEGO objects to expose hidden treats.

Character 3: The Riddler

Riddle me this: which is the only character in LEGO Batman 2 capable of opening those special boxes with question marks painted on them? Why, the Riddler, of course! Unlock this pesky prankster by flying to the top of Wayne Tower and defeating him, along with his waves of goons. Then purchase the Riddler for a mere 125,000 studs.

Character 4: Man-Bat

Man-Bat’s earsplitting shriek can shatter glass LEGO objects, which comes in handy many times during Story Mode, especially when there’s no Bat Suit around for Batman to slip into. Draw out Man-Bat by using Superman’s heat vision to destroy the gold bell atop Gotham Cathedral’s tower, then defeat the hideous creature and drop a hefty 500,000 studs to unlock him.

Character 5: Aquaman

Aquaman’s ability to swim and spray an endless stream of water from his trusty trident makes him very valuable in many Free Play scenarios. Once you’ve amassed 70 or more gold bricks, fly around and scour the buildings east of Gotham Beach to spy some bouncing LEGO pieces that can be built into a gold door. Out pops Aquaman once the door has been assembled, who may then be purchased for a bargain 125,000 studs.

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