In this guide we will show you how to collect all the hidden Paintings in Dishonored 2.

Hidden throughout the various levels of Dishonored 2 are a plethora of collectibles, including several Paintings which can be acquired and collected. Collecting each of these paintings will reward you with the Art Collector achievement.

A Long Day in Dunwall

The first Painting can be found on the right in the escape corridor of Dunwall Streets, just before you head outside.

The next Painting on your Bucket List can be found inside of the Galvani Building. Look left when you head down the into the street and look out for a small apartment with a single Guard inside. The Painting is in the second room of the little apartment.

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Edge of the World

Just before heading into the canal area in the second mission, look for a side road with a single apartment building on it. Head inside and look for a Painting on the second floor.

A Painting can be found on the third floor of the Overseer building that you have to enter during the second mission. It’s near a safe with a Rune inside.

There is another Painting that players can find inside of Hypatia’s apartment. Her apartment is above the Winslow Safe Company. Look in the main hall to find this Painting.

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The Good Doctor

When you encounter the Wall of Light on the first floor, look immediately to your right to spot this Painting.

Take down the elevator cables, then use Blink or Far Reach to jump from the first floor into the elevator shaft. Now drop into the basement and search for this Painting along the left-most wall.

Once you find Hypatia’s area, look to the right of her lab to find a Painting leaning against the wall.

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The Clockwork Mansion

Use Blink or Far Reach to jump onto a group of pipes in the main area. Then use the power once more to move to a balcony that overlooks the main area. There is an apartment you can enter. If you immediately look to the side when you enter you should notice this Painting on the wall.

Locate the Mayor’s Office and move up their using Blink or Far Reach. Once inside look on the left-most wall to find this Painting.

After arriving in Upper Aventa District, move through a Wall of Light and look out for an awning that is painted brown. Use Blink or Far Reach to hop to an open window, and grab this Painting from the room nearby.

The next Painting can be found inside of Sokolov’s chambers at the bottom of the Assessment Chamber.

You can also find a Painting in Jindosh’s lab. It’s resting on an easel behind a very large desk.

On the second floor you should look out for this Painting in Jindosh’s bathroom. Use the Configuration Mechanism nearby to change the room’s setup and grab the Painting.

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The Royal Conservatory

Enter the condemned building after you pass through the first Wall of Light. There are Bloodflies and Nestkeepers here, so take them out and then look for this Painting inside the large room for the safe.

After you take out Breanna Ashworth, look for this Painting inside of her office.

Unlock the Archives in the basement and look for a small room behind the area. You can Blink or Far Reach over a bookcase to gain access. You’ll find a Painting inside.

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The Dust District

Head to the Crone’s Hand Saloon and look for these first two paintings on the second floor, inside the large apartment that Paolo currently calls home.

The next Painting can be found near the Overseer building. Head up to the fourth story and look for a window that you can crawl out of. There is a small catwalk here that will lead you to a broken window that opens into a decimated room with a Painting inside.

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Crack in the Slab

There is a vault that can be looted in the dining room area. To access it switch to the present using the Timepiece, then swap back to the past once inside. There is a Painting and a Blueprint here.

The next Painting is a bit tricky to find. Head into the open yard with the Bloodflies and climb up a hill to the second floor. Move around the balcony and look for a window nearby with a Document attached to it. Switch to the past and take out the worker and the Guard standing by the window. Since they are down, the window doesn’t get fixed, and you can now swap back to the present and climb inside. Climb up the vines on the left to access a balcony, then swap back to the past to find this Painting in the room. There are multiple Guards, so have your weapons ready.

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The Grand Palace

Look for an apartment with a windmill before you reach the first Wall of Light. Use Far Reach or Blink to drop to the balcony from the windmill, the clear out any Bloodfly nests inside to find this Painting in the bedroom.

To find this Painting, head into the Palace and up to the third flood. Look on the right side of the building to find this Painting near a large piano.

Another Painting in the Palace can also be found on the third story of the large structure. Move to the left-most side of the building (where you entered the third floor) and look for a large office area. There is a Clockwork Soldier inside, so clear him out and then look for the Painting on the top of the hearth.

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Death to the Empress

Before you move into Dunwall Tower, look out for the gazebo from the opening of the first game. Jump up onto the wall to your left and use your Crossbow to get rid of the Gravehounds in the yard below. This final Painting can be found down below, next to the wall.

That’s all the Paintings hidden throughout Dishonored 2. If you collected them all, you should have received the Art Collector achievement or trophy, depending on your platform of choice. You can learn more about Emily and Corvo’s latest tale by continuing to our Dishonored 2 walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and collectible guides to help you save the throne.