This guide will show you how to find the Pack-a-Punch in Zombies in Spaceland, Infinite Warfare’s all new zombie mode. The Pack-a-Punch machine in Zombies in Spaceland operates similar to Treyarch’s Zombies, though there are a few differences. Use our guide to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine in Zombies in Spaceland!

Step 1: Turn on the Power

The first step in activating the Pack-a-Punch machine is turning on all the power switches in Spaceland. These power switches are located in each section of the map and they only turn on the power in their section. Activating them is as simple as hitting the action button (Square on PS4, X on Xbox). If you are unsure how to do this, check out our guide on how to turn on the power in Zombies in Spaceland.

Step 2: Use the Teleporters

Once the power is turned on in every section of Spaceland, you will notice there are four teleporters now available, one in each section. You will have to pass through all four teleporters in this step. Simply walk up to the teleporter and hit the action button in each teleporter to use it. After you activate each teleporter, there will be a fifth teleporter in the center of the map with a floating planet above it.

Step 3: Finding the Zombies in Spaceland Pack-a-Punch

The Zombies in Spaceland Pack-a-Punch is located through this center teleporter, so enter it! Once inside you will see an old film projector, this is the Pack-a-Punch machine. It will cost 5,000 to use the Pack-a-Punch, walk up and press the action button to start the animation. The Pack-a-Punch animation takes a few seconds, so make sure you are not in immediate danger when you activate it.

That’s it! You now have a Pack-a-Punch machine to use in Zombies in Spaceland, and it is a nice old film projector that matches the Spaceland theme. For more on Zombies in Spaceland, check out our Zombies in Spaceland Guide Hub.