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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 5 – Wulfburg – Helga Von Schabbs

by Prima Games Staff

You know the days where you are just on your game? That was this chapter for us, and we’re confident that if you follow our lead, we can guide you through this without breaking a sweat. Of course, you could just run-and-gun to the end, but if you went that route you probably don’t need our help.

Find Agent Two’s House

Let’s start out by having you loot up in the boathouse you start in. There should be lots of goodies to snag, including a map. All you’re going to need, however, is your suppressed Handgun.

Sneak out the door and look to your right. There is a lone Nazi guard who likes to patrol across the water, and you need to make sure he isn’t looking when you move out. You also need to ensure that you are crouched. We’re going to call him the boathouse guard.

Make your way under the stone arch directly in front of the boathouse door. There is another guard who will patrol back and forth in front of you, and you need to make sure his back is to you. When it is, crawl through the archway and up the stone steps just ahead of you and on the left. From here you should be able to put a suppressed Handgun round in the Nazi soldier’s head, but you’ll want to ensure he’s more toward the end of the docks you came from, not further down where the Heavy Soldier could spot his corpse.

When he’s down, continue moving forward along the walkway at the top of the stone steps, turning to your left and going up more stone steps that have a large iron gate at the top. Turn right at the top of the steps and kill the Commander with a single round to the skull.

Grab any loot along the Commander’s patrol path, then backtrack down the steps so that you can see the Heavy Soldier, the Nazi guard up high, and the boathouse guard. You won’t see the boathouse guard a lot, but he does wander into this main area from time to time.

Study their routes, then sneak right down to the dock where the Heavy Soldier stops at the end of his route. You can sit behind some boxes there and nobody will be able to spot you. When he turns his back and walks away, and the high guard isn’t looking, sneak across the dock and take a right. Keep moving until you spot a stone archway on the left, ducking in there and taking cover next to some rickety looking boxes. The Commander will wander right into your path, but it’s best to let him walk away a bit, shooting him in the head when he isn’t looking. This will ensure his body is not spotted.

Go up the stairs and eliminate the guard on the second level, making sure his body doesn’t fall down and can’t be seen by the Heavy Soldier and boathouse guard. When he’s down, wait for the boathouse guard to come near, then pop him in the brain as well. With that out of the way, wait for the Heavy Soldier to patrol out to the center of the dock, then sneak past him and jump into the water at the stone archway.

Tip: This chapter took us an hour, but if you know what you’re doing it can be done much faster. A minute of studying your foes will save you three minutes of intense fighting.

Go up the massive set of stairs that curl to the right, making sure that nobody is standing at the top, then taking a left and moving counter-clockwise around the stone path. You will come to a patrolling Nazi soldier, and he can be safely taken out with a Handgun round to the head. Just make sure he’s not walking away from you, as there is another soldier that could spot him. Nail this guy when he’s at the end of his route, then smoke his buddy who wanders out onto the bridge.

Sneak through the doorway ahead and kill the guard in the room on the right. Move through this room, watching out for the Heavy Soldier and couple of guards that remain. Shoot them when you can, or do your best to sneak past. You can even go in guns blazing here, as there is no Commander to sound an alarm.

Hop through the window and drop down onto the street using the ledge right in front of you. When the Supersoldier isn’t looking, sneak up and take cover behind the right front passenger wheel of the truck on your left. When it moves away again, continue toward a red door, hugging the wall on your left. There is a lone Commander that patrols a sidewalk to the right of the red door, and you need to drill him with your suppressed Handgun.

Follow the sidewalk all the way to the end, then take cover behind the brick half wall. You should be able to see the back of the truck you were hiding behind from here. When both of the Supersoldiers are looking away, sneak around the half wall, up the small set of stone steps, taking cover behind some boxes that sit a few feet in front of an iron gate.

You’ll need to time it, but take a look from behind your boxes to see a ladder across the courtyard. The Commander will walk to the ladder, but when he walks away (and the Supersoldier isn’t around) you need to make your way to the top and execute the Commander. From here you can just follow the linear path to your objective.

Look under the stone next to the steps to grab the key, then unlock the gate and interact with the window to get inside. It’s a pretty chill environment, so look around and grab whatever you can. You’ll be asked to drop your weapons by Pippa, which is kind of hilarious. When that’s done, interact with the floor hatch and go for a quick swim.

Infiltrate the Tavern

Drag yourself out of the water and climb up the wall in front of you. Keep your Pipes in hand and kill the two dogs that are laying in the courtyard, then loot anything that’s laying around. You can now go inside the tavern, which will put you in the kitchen. Again, loot up, then grab the apron and tray before moving on.

Steal the Folder

Make your way up to the second level and around the balcony. You’ll see a soldier guarding a door, and he’ll let you inside to deliver the wine to Helga. Do so, interacting with the objects as the game instructs you. This sequence will actually bring you to the end of the chapter, which isn’t so bad when you compare it to the last one.

Feel free to return to our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough, or you can jump straight into Chapter 6: Ruins.

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