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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 4 – Escape – Rudi Jäger Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Escape in the Cable Car

Use your Pipes to open the elevator’s roof hatch, then to climb the wall. A Nazi will walk by, and you should absolutely crouch and use your Pipes to end his life. From here, spend a moment gathering up a few supplies, but stay in this area, following our instructions carefully if you want to get out of this with your life. It took us three tries, but we found a great route.

Backtrack to where you climbed out of the elevator. You want to go the opposite direction that the guard was walking, stopping at the corner to collect your Handgun, complete with suppressor. Next up, set your quick-swap to your suppressed Handgun and Assault Rifle if you have it. This will give you both the stealth and murderous rampage options if need be.

Continue to follow the catwalk until you have to turn, then go right. You’ll see some stairs in front of you, as well as “-2” painted on a concrete pillar just to the left of them. Go up the stairs and ensure that the guard who patrols this area is moving away, then turn to your right, go down a small set of steps, and through the narrow doorway in front of you.

Follow this corridor as it takes a sharp left, going up the stairs towards your first Commander. As you reach the top, look out the door on the left and you can normally spot him. Allow him to move slightly to your left, then put a bullet in his skull. While we could go after the second Commander, we’re actually going to just get busy with getting out of here.

Go up the metal steps near where the Commander was and use your Pipes to pry open the roof hatch. Drop into the control room and loot up, but be sure to stay crouched and be mindful of where the patrolling Supersoldiers are. If you’re careless, they’ll spot you inside. When you’re ready, pull the lever on the desk to kick up a fuss.

Remember the room where came up the stairs and spotted the first Commander walking by, just beside the control room? Go back to that area, as you can limit the directions you can be attacked from. There are four entrances (two sets of stairs and two doors), but bad guys only seem to go through the doors, and it appeared as if the Supersoldier couldn’t squeeze through. This is also where we ended the life of the second Commander and stopped him from sending any further Nazi reinforcements.

Just keep working your through your enemies from that room, and when it dies down a bit, head for the cable car on the opposite side of the control room. Just hop on board and pull the lever to go for a ride.

Restore the Power

Take a moment to kill some of the bad guys in the cable car next to you, then approach the front of yours, opening the roof hatch with your Pipes. Use them again to zip-line down to another car, then set your quick-swap to your Assault Rifle and Shockhammer. Oh, and there’s a Commander here, but he was already aware of our presence, so stealth was irrelevant.

Exit the cable car and turn to your left, using your Shockhammer to take out the Heavy Soldier that is on his way to you. If you’re really good, shoot the tank on his shoulder to make him explode. There is at least one more Heavy Soldier to kill yet, but you should use your Assault Rifle on the regular Nazis. Just go through the door the Heavy Solder came out of, fighting your way up the stairs.

Tip: You can stay outside on the platform, using the game’s peek-and-lean system to pick off your foes who are on the inside. It’s not a bad option of you’re low on health and armor.

Reach the Bridge

When you reach the top and the Commander is dead, flip the switch and then get back to the cable car just outside. You’ll have to do a bit of fighting on your journey, but nothing nearly as rough (and it wasn’t even that rough) as when you were going the opposite direction.

Pull the lever on the cable car and get ready to go for a ride. Not the good kind of ride where you get to look at all the pretty mountains, but the kind where you get to fall into freezing water with an army of Nazi soldiers shooting at you.

Exit the Caves

When you regain control of Blazkowicz, look to the door and interact with it to get free. From here you can swim forward and surface, but you’ll want to crouch and get ready for some more stealth. Equip your suppressed Handgun, then move up until you see two patrolling soldiers. Shoot the tail guy in the head, then do the same with his buddy. Just make sure that the second guy doesn’t wander too far forward or you risk being spotted by a Heavy Soldier.

You don’t have to go all the way into the area with the Heavy Soldier. You can climb the wall just at the end of the path, making sure that you aren’t going to be seen if you boost yourself all the way up. When the coast is clear, take out the single guard, then and finish off the Commander. From here you should be able to sneak into the tunnels and take out the Second Commander, ensuring that no alarm can be sounded.

Approach from any angle you want, but shoot the Heavy Soldier when he turns his back to you. This will cause him to explode, then you need to backtrack to the tunnel entrance. There is a wall you must climb to reach the next area.

Drop down off the ledge and creep forward. You’ll see two soldiers that patrol directly in front of you. One will eventually wander back to the left, and the other to the right. When they split, kill the one on the left, then nail the one further up the path and to the right. Just make sure they drop out of sight from the other Nazis further up the hill.

Take a right at the half wall (the spot where you first laid eyes on the two patrolling soldiers) and go up the path as it hooks around to the left. There is another guard a short ways away, and you need to kill him when he is at his furthest distance from you. Shoot him in the head with your suppressed Handgun, then hit him with two or three follow up shots to make sure the job is done. If this guy lives and alerts the others, it’s going to get messy. You also want his body to fall out of sight from the Heavy Soldier.

Make your way to the guard you just killed, ensuring that the Heavy Soldier and dude on the turret don’t spot you. When you have the chance, drop the turret guy with a headshot from your suppressed Handgun and sneak on up. You should be extremely close to the Commander at this point. Kill him, then head up the wooden stairs and use the elevator.

Tip: If things go south you’ll have to deal with a Supersoldier, but you can grab the Heavy Machinegun that’s attached to the turret to finish him off.

When the elevator reaches its destination, spend a moment looting up before you step into the caves. We found some upgrades here. If you don’t, you may have found them earlier. Wolfenstein games tend to give you a second chance to find things if you drop the ball the first time out. That does not apply to the game’s Letters and Gold Items, however.

Locate the Village Tavern

Move forward and climb the wall, then make your way across the bridge and loot up in the next room. Set your quick-swap to your Bombenschuss (with scope) and Assault Rifle, then open the door to the room. You can use the Bombenschuss to kill the enemy at range, swapping to your Assault Rifle if anyone gets too close. When the last bad guy is down, move up in the only direction you can.

Open the next door, then pry open the elevator’s roof hatch, dropping down and killing the lone Nazi inside. Quickly switch to your Assault Rifle and get ready to wreck a room full of your opposition. As always, be sure to loot up when things calm down, then make your way up the nearby stairs and get ready for some of the most intense action of the game.

The best place to hang out during the fight is a few feet in front of the door you exited from to make it to the bridge. Either that, or perhaps even on the far left of the bridge, but it’s really up to your own personal preference as to where you throw down. Just make sure that you take out the snipers first, as they will pester you every time you try and pop out of cover to kill an advancing Nazi.

When the final bad guy is down, approach the little control room in the middle and interact to open the window with your Pipes. Head inside, loot up, then climb out and drop back down. We opted to stay right where our feet hit the ground, as that piece of metal provided the best cover we could hope for in this situation. Work fast, gunning down every advancing soldier you can. When the Supersoldier appears, switch to your Kampfpistole and put him down quickly, then grab his Heavy Machinegun and do the same thing to the armored dog. You’ll still have a few more Nazis to clean up, but you should be able to do that while staying behind the trucks and using your Bombenschuss.

Move up and use your Pipes to pull down the ladder, then climb up and drop down on the other side. Approach the gate, then look left and crawl through the hole in the wall. You’ll have to smash through another weak brick wall up ahead, then follow the path and climb up to the top of another ledge. You can do all this without fear, however, following the linear path to the tavern unchallenged.

Spend a moment exploring the tavern before you follow your new friend to another room. Once you’re in there, snatch up lots of ammunition, as well as a couple of upgrades. We’d suggest holding off on over-charging your armor, as you’re going to need some of this for the upcoming battle. Just fully explore the room, then stab the dog when he gets up in your face.

Open the Basement Hatch

After helping Kessler and Annette into the basement, take up a position at the back of the room and start killing Nazis as they spill through the windows. We’d like to tell you there’s a secret formula here, but you really just need to hit your shots and be fast. It’s not a short battle, but it’s not a difficult one, either. When that’s over, regroup with your pals at the basement door.

Rudi Jäger Boss Fight

There is a specific formula to winning this battle, but before we get into that, look for the big tree like structure in the room, taking note of this for future reference (Hint: It’s near the door Rudi Jäger smashes through at the start of the fight).

When the battle begins, start shooting Mr. Jäger in the electrified wing-like things that are sticking out of his back. Do this enough and he’ll drop to his knees, at which point you can run up and get some melee action in on him. You need to do this a total of three times to progress to the next part of the fight, but it shouldn’t be all that hard.

When his electrical wings are gone, switch to the Kampfpistole and hit him with every shot. There’s more ammunition at the back of the room, but this weapon will give you maximum bang for your buck. If you get into trouble with low health (like we did), play a game of cat and mouse around the tree like structure in the middle of the room. Use it as cover, popping out and shooting him, then ducking back when he returns fire. It’s tedious, but if you’re in a jam this will win you the fight and complete the chapter.

Feel free to return to our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough, or you can jump straight into Chapter Five: Wulfburg.

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