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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough – Return to London Nautica – Defeat the London Monitor

by Prima Games Staff

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As soon as you have control, turn to face the back of the ship and then run to grab the rope. After a bit of a rough ride you’ll crash through a window for an epic kill. Pick up the dropped Assault Rifle and use the nearby wall for cover. Keep peeking out, picking off any soldiers you see until there are none left.

You lack health, armor and ammo here, so take a minute to loot the room before heading out through the hole in the wall on the left side of the building. Cut the chain on the scaffolding and head in the only direction you can move. Cut the next chain, then run and jump the gap to land on the balcony close by.

Head through the door to see a soldier scurry away. Move up to the corner and then peek around. You should expect a bit of resistance here, so we recommend the Automatic. When it’s all clear, hotwire a panel inside the left room and then climb out to another series of catwalks.

Keep going in the only direction you can, then head back into the building where you’ll be faced with a room full of bad guys.

Tip: You’re headed to the ground level now, but each room you come across will have exploding tanks of  gas. Use these to take out the heavily armed troops you come across, rather than wasting ammo.

Kill everyone in the first room, then head down the stairs to the next. Once it’s clear, a helicopter will be just outside the window. Use the Rocket Launcher on your Assault Rifle or the shoot mode on your Laserkraftwerk. Either way, he should drop without too much trouble.

Tip: On the level just below where you fought the helicopter is another piece to add to the Laserkraftwerk. It’s up a small ramp in the corner of the room.

Loot the room you’re in, then begin making your descent. Each floor will have resistance similar to what you found earlier, so shoot the flammable tanks and eliminate the opposition as you go. When you are forced back outside onto some scaffolding, follow it down to a lift, which will put you on the ground.

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Boss Fight: How to Defeat the London Monitor

Well, that’s a rather large robot, isn’t it? No problem, we have you covered.

There are a series of tunnels underground that you can use for cover, and to charge the Laserkraftwerk. Get to those tunnels immediately and make sure to duck back inside any time the London Monitor fires in your direction.

The first step to taking him down involves shooting his core as soon as it begins to power up. You can tell when this is happening by how it turns from a blue metallic tint to an orange or red tint. As soon as it turns, shoot the core with your Laserkraftwerk.

As soon as you shoot the core, the London Monitor will try to fire its missile pods at you. There are a total of six pods that you need to destroy. As soon as the pods open, shoot them, then duck back into one of the tunnels and charge your Laserkraftwerk. Repeat this process (shoot the core, then the missile pods) until all six pods have been destroyed.

Here comes the fun part. Now you need to run underneath the London Monitor, avoiding the fire and wait for the hatch to open and expose the engine. Fire your Laserkraftwerk into the engine to finish this boss fight and bring the chapter to an end.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

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