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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough – London Nautica – Defeat the Giant Robot

by Prima Games Staff

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As soon as you gain control, head to your left and crawl under the concrete rubble. One of those nasty armored robots will come after you. Just back out and keep going left to another path. Run and slide to get underneath more rubble, then use your Laser Cutter to get through the chain link fence standing in your way. As soon as you do, the robot returns, so back away as some rubble falls on it. Turn to the right and squeeze past a car to find another path, then follow it until you can hop on top of another vehicle to drop down on the other side. The giant robot is back, this time wrestling with the car you were just on. Sprint toward the path blocked by rubble, sliding underneath it as the giant beast is finally crushed.

You can only go one direction now, so cautiously move forward until a Signal Detected comes up on the screen. This one’s easy. He’s alone, in front of you just to the left. Sneak up behind the Commander and put a Knife in his neck.

As you move along, you come across an enemy facing you. Just sprint toward him and take him out with your Knife before he has a chance to shoot. Keep moving along, picking up all the ammo, health and armor that you can find until another robot attacks. As soon as you can, sprint around to its right and up the broken concrete to escape.

Take cover in the reception desk area, making sure to visit the back room that has plenty of things you would want to fight some Nazi soldiers with. Lucky for you, this area has lots of bad guys and they love to throw grenades. From behind the desk, quickly take as many of them out as you can.

Tip: When facing the reception area desk, turn around and you’ll see a control panel. Hotwire it and get a health upgrade and some ammunition.

As you exit the reception desk, you’ll find another giant robot to your left, guarding the door. Head up to the top level and do some exploring, picking up as many goodies as you can and finishing off any bad guys you missed earlier.

Use grenades you’ve found, as well as any lying around and throw them at the robot. When you’re out, sneak past the robot to the area just to the left of the door you want to go through. You’ll find a Marksman Rifle to go with the ammunition you pulled out of the case you hotwired earlier. This should be enough to finish off the robot.

Pull the lever to the left of the door to enter the moon dome. Of course, you’ll be fired upon as soon as you enter, so stealth is of no use here. In fact, go crazy and just shoot every single moving target all the way up to the top of the dome.

Tip: There will be lots of dropped ammo, health and armor in this area. Be sure to keep picking it up as you run-and-gun your way forward.

Once you reach the very top of the dome and enter the control room, pull the lever just inside the door and to the left. Leave the control room and look for the exit, which is one level below you. In order to get there, you must climb onto a nearby beam, then drop to the balcony next to the door.

You’ll now find yourself on a narrow catwalk that curves to the right. There are a few bad guys here, but you should have little trouble taking them out. Either rush them with the Automatic Shotgun or use the small alcoves on the left side for cover, leaning out to pick them off. As you near the end of the catwalk, look for a hatch on the left side and use your Laser Cutter to cut the chain.

Climb into the elevator shaft, jump over to the next elevator and start climbing the rope. You’ll find a few drones and enemies here. Shoot them as you climb, and continue until you reach a platform. Walk around, open the hatch and crawl through to the top of the elevator.

Tip: Do not stand on top of the elevator. As soon as you shoot the brakes it will fall and kill you. Instead, stand on the counter-weight that has an image of two feet on it.

Stand on the counter-weight and shoot the brakes from the four corners of the elevator, causing it drop and take out a few more Nazis. There’s only one path you can take, so keep moving until you drop into what appears to be a laboratory.

Grab everything you can in here, also being sure to charge your Laser Cutter. Next, climb up a ladder to the catwalk, then use the Laser Cutter to cut through the chains holding the device in the tank. Jump back down and press the button by the glass, but be sure not to stand in front of the laser when it starts up. Go inside the tank and claim you Laserkraftwerk. Something tells us we’re going to need this.

Tip: The Laserkraftwerk has two modes, cutting and shooting. You can toggle between these modes the same way you would the fire modes on a weapon.

Cut the wall away on the opposite side of the tank, then climb through to reach a ladder. Climb up and keep moving until you reach another elevator. Shoot the brakes to clear a path and then move along the side, using your Laserkraftwerk to cut another path for yourself. Crawl through, climb a ladder and you should be at the hanger you’ve been looking for.

You’ll immediately notice two Commanders in this area. While stealth is an option, it’s a big, wide-open space that makes sneaking around extremely difficult. Still, you should be able to take them out if you follow our steps.

Drop down, crouch and sneak right for an easy knife kill on the guard looking over the area. Head into the side room next time him and gather all the goodies you can find. Exit the room, then head to the floor level, sneaking under the helicopter to the left of where you were facing when you entered the room. Climb the stairs, take out the lone guard and then man the turret facing the main part of the floor.

Tip: Be careful as you sneak around. There are two giant robots that can complicate things if they happen to see you before you’re prepared to deal with them.

Once you’re on the turret, spin it to the right and take out the first Commander, then engage the robot who undoubtedly heard the commotion. Use the turret to take out the robot, as well as the other one further back into the hanger.

Now that all hell has broken loose, just start killing everything in the hanger. Use whatever weapon you prefer and go from platform to platform killing whatever moves. You’ll know the final enemy is down as soon as another giant robot kicks in the door.

Tip: There’s a second side room, not far from the one we guided you to earlier in the hanger. Head there to find a Full Automatic upgrade to your Laserkraftwerk.

We made this part more difficult than it needed to be. While you can use the turrets in each of the three helicopters, your primary way to take this big guy down is the Laserkraftwerk. Just stay under the helicopter platforms and hit him in the legs. If you run out of the juice, the center console in the hanger has a charge for the battery.

Go through the door the giant robot emerged from and climb the ladder to the control room. Once you get inside, gather up all the goodies and then press the button on the dashboard. Head back downstairs and pick up Caroline, delivering her to the last helicopter as Fergus tells you to while bringing this mission to a close.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

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