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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough – Camp Belica – How to Break the Cement Mixer

by Prima Games Staff

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This is one of the more emotional chapters in the game, due to the up close and personal feel present throughout much of it. Once you gain control, just do as you’re told on-screen until you finally reach the Cement Mixer.

Pay special attention to the instructions before you operate it. There are three actions you can take, and completing them in the appropriate order is key.

  • Pull the lever on the right.
  • Crank the lever on the left.
  • Press the button in the middle.

Hitting the middle button once more will cause a piece to fall from the machine. Look down and pick it up off the floor, tossing it into the mixer. Now repeat the steps above a second time and the mixer will break, allowing you to swap uniforms with another prisoner while the guards are distracted.

When you exit into the yard, walk forward and look for a door on your left near where some prisoners are gathered. Go into the sleeping quarters and talk to Set Roth at the back of the room.

When you finish speaking to Set Roth, go to your left and talk to the woman in the corner close to where your objective is. She’ll give you a side mission to kill The Knife.

Now go to your objective and enter the facility by sliding down the ramp into the pile of bodies. Be sure to pick up the armor on the shelf, as well as other goodies scattered around the room. When empty, exit to the left of where you entered by going through the double doors.

Once you regain control, pull the knife out of your abdomen and get ready to put the hurt on The Knife. As soon as you can move, crouch, then take out the Kampfhund lying next to you, then the guard next to him and finally the guard near the door. Loot the room before moving on.

Tip: Almost all of this chapter requires stealth, meaning you should crouch at all times.

Head into the next room and take out the lone guard. Grab any health or armor off the ground, then go back to the room where you began, exiting through the door to the right of the furnace you started in.

Go up the stairs and follow the guard walking away from you on the catwalk. As soon as you catch up to him, put a knife in his back. Go through the door in front of you, follow the hall and take out the guard to the right. Once he’s down, move into the next room and get your revenge on The Knife / Commander who tortured you a few minutes ago. Exit the room the way you came in, taking your first left where you should see a lone guard who is unfortunate enough to have his back to you. Sneak up behind him and do what Blazkowicz does best.

Keep moving forward and take out the final guard in the control room, then press the button on the desk to disable the security systems.

Return to Set, who is now on the other side of the yard where you originally entered after swapping your uniform with the other prisoner. Talk to him, then head back into the factory, moving all the way through to the control for the B6 door.

Tip: Make sure you loot each room you clear, looking high and low for anything and everything of interest.

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Head into the courtyard and move forward, taking a left and climbing the scaffolding until you reach the top level. Go through the double glass doors and into the first room on your left. Kill the Kampfhund and then do the same to the guard who may or may not have heard the commotion.

Go back into the hallway and turn left. You should see a guard patrolling. Once he’s not looking, sneak up behind him and take him down, then go into the room by the stairs with the open door. Take that guard down as well to clear the entire floor. Now you can roam around up here as you please.

Tip: Once you head downstairs from this level, you can take an immediate left, go down a long hall and then skip directly to the lower level. This is the path of least resistance, but you might also miss out on a few goodies along the way. The choice is yours.

Once you’re done, head down the stairs close to where you killed the hallway patrolman. This level has two guards, both of whom like to roam around. Just wait for an opportunity and take them out before heading down the next set of stairs.

This part is trickier, featuring three guards and a sleeping Kampfhund. One of the guards will go on patrol, stopping at the window near the bottom of the stairs. Wait until he does, then sneak and take  him out. You should be far enough away that the Kampfhund doesn’t hear you. The dog is next. Wait for the remaining two guards to look away, then kill the sleeping canine, then systematically take out each of the last two guards.

Tip: There’s a Gold Bust behind the desk, near the window where you took out the first guard.

Make your way down one more level to a garage, taking out the two guards who both have their backs to you. Once they’re down, grab the battery to trigger a cut scene.

As soon as you have control, give the battery to Set Roth, then climb into the Herr Faust. Pay attention to the various fire modes, then move forward and start wrecking everything in your path. There is a health bar, but you should be fine as long as you’re careful. Also, you can walk over armor that the other robots drop on the ground to replenish yours. Once you’ve killed all the bad guys, hop out of the Herr Faust and bring an end to this chapter.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

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