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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Act 1 – Find the Witch, Beat Nithral, Upgrade to Maugrim Sword

by Bryan Dawson

This feature continues the Main Quests in CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In particular, Hunting a Witch and Wandering in the Dark. This time, we tell you how to find the witch and the best strategy for defeating the Golem. In addition, we list step-by-step details on how to win the boss fight with Nithral, find the Eye of Nehaleni and upgrade to the more powerful Maugrim sword. 

Main Quest: Hunting a Witch 

Upon finishing The Nilfgaardian Main Quest, you’re able to embark upon this one.  Look at the marker on the mini map and then travel to it, arriving in Midcopse village. To the north of a well you will discover an elderly lady on her porch with a broom in her hands. After talking to her, walk to the right side of her home and then engage her husband in conversation. 

At this point, head to the southwest road and speak to the old man nearby. View the cut scene to learn the witch’s whereabouts. You will learn additional information about the witch if you listen to the two women talking in front of a house, but you will need to keep your distance, otherwise they say nothing. 

Armed with this info, use the waypoint on the map to reach a pond. Now travel north along a road to the next waypoint, which leads to a boulder. Send Geralt along the next road to the east, then kill four Nekkers.

Eventually you come to a cart, and from there, Geralt should continue east until you see the witch’s place. A cut scene plays, and you will then enter her home and use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to locate hidden items, the skull in particular, which you will find in the left corner after first walking into the hut. 

Look at this skull to kick off another cut scene that causes a portal to appear. Do not enter this portal yet. Instead, check out the floor and gain entry to the basement using a hatch. Gather all of the loot and then go into the portal. Walk right and then up some steps. Watch the cut scene and select “Can we go?” while speaking to the witch. This will take Geralt south and end the Hunting a Witch quest. 

Main Quest: Wandering in the Dark 

Have Geralt stick close to Keira. She will lead him into the place directly ahead and down some steps, resulting in a cut scene.  Keep walking down these steps and Keira opens a portal. You must go through this portal as fast as possible, otherwise you will need to rely on Geralt’s Witcher Senses to locate her again. 

The portal takes Geralt to a cavern. Kill the Drowners and then activate his Witcher Senses to see where Keira went.  Jump into the water, collect loot and then swim to the other side, mindful of Geralt’s dwindling air supply. 

Relying on his Witcher Senses, go in the direction of the red circles and then right when you reach a junction. Activate Aard Sign magic to bust through the wall and prepare to battle a Foglet. As its name implies, the creature uses fog to confuse its prey, and you’ll see the creature when it attempts to swipe at Geralt. 

Gather nearby items and then enter the next room, traveling down some steps on the left. Once again use Aard Sign magic, this time to destroy a door.  You will now encounter multiple Drowners and toxic gas.  You’re able to eliminate some toxic gas with Aard Sign magic, allowing Geralt to attract the Drowners. Now immediately retreat away from the gas, which lets you slaughter the Drowners without worrying about it.

With the Drowners deceased, use Aard to create a safe path through the toxic gas so Geralt can walk up some steps. At the top, walk straight ahead and then down more steps, then walk up even more stairs on the right. 

Keira is close by, but you’ll need to deal with a couple of rat nests. No worries. Rely on Igni Sign magic to destroy the nests and then watch the cut scene.  You need to persuade Keira to stick with Geralt, and if done successfully, you should walk up some steps to encounter the elven. Walking near this character causes another cut scene to play. 

From here, walk down some steps leading to the marker on Geralt’s map. Similar to before, there are enemies (in this case, Wraiths) and toxic gas. Aard Sign magic will dispose of the gas, allowing Geralt and Keira to fight the Wraiths. Now use Witcher Senses and go northwest. Collect all of the items, a list that includes a statue and Maribor Sword. Walk to the northwest area and examine the wall for a symbol of a swallow, marked in red.

Continue along the path away from this symbol and then climb the rocks. You will enter a chamber, and Geralt should head over to the elven. Use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find a red glowing symbol to the north. Inspecting it causes two doppelgangers to appear that resemble both Geralt and Keira.

While battling doppelganger Geralt, use Aard Sign magic to eliminate his shield and then go on the attack. You can battle this version of Geralt without magic, but you’ll need to strike and then retreat to avoid damage. 

When it comes to Keira, hit the doppelganger one or two times and then dodge so she doesn’t rely on magic attacks. 

After defeating both foes, use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to locate a red glowing sign on a wall to the southeast, but do not inspect it, otherwise a sudden burst of fire damages him.  We want you to head to the center of this place and inspect the wall to the southwest for another red marker. Inspect this one and then jump into the water. Look to the right of the marker and swim into the passage. Now get out of the water, walk up the stairs and look at the next marker. 

If you follow the path on the right, you will return to the area you just left. Walk to Keira and she’ll take Geralt into another chamber. Inspect the swallow symbol on the wall and then travel through the portal. 

This takes you to a Golem. Have Geralt stick to the right by the treasure box, which causes this monster to go after Keira. This lets you strike the creature from the back. In all fairness you shouldn’t have much trouble killing the Golem. If the monster curls itself into a ball, back away to avoid taking damage. Should it bring one arm into the air and go to jump, get as far away as possible. Attacking from the rear is a great strategy, and using a Thunderbolt potion will speed things up. 

Now that you disposed of the Golem and presumably looted its corpse, climb to reach the room on the far side, then walk through the door on the left. You now have two directions, a passage on the left or straight ahead. 

For now, walk straight ahead to find two chests containing silver ore, thread, viziman champion health items, saltpeter and leather straps. You will also need to kill a Gargoyle, but doing this rewards Geralt with a Gargoyle Heart, Gargoyle Dust, a Lesser Morana runestone, two elemental essence and two iron ore.

If you have trouble defeating the Gargoyle, rely on Quen Sign magic to reduce the amount of damage Geralt may take from the creature’s stomp attack, rock toss and acid. Strike the Gargoyle once, back away and then repeat this strategy. Keira also proves useful by distracting the Gargoyle a bit, in case you need to replenish Quen Sign magic.

With that out of the way, go backwards to where we mentioned the passage on the left and take it. Use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find the swallow symbol, and inspect this marker to bring up another portal. Go through it and enter another room with loot. Gather whatever you need and take the path. A cut scene plays. 

Keira will produce a magic shield for Geralt to take refuge in. Stay within this shield as much as possible and kill whatever enemies appear.  Don’t go after the creatures. Let them come to you. 

Keira will eventually stop walking, and you’ll need to drop into the area below. Watch the cut scene and prepare to battle one of the game’s bosses, Nithral. 

Boss Battle with Nithral 

Loot: Steel Plates, Wild Hunt Warrior’s Sword, Diamond Dust, Meteorite Silver Plate, Diagram, Angrenian Cuirass 

Providing you defeated both the Golem and Gargoyle, you already know the basic foundation for battling Nithral.  Armed with the Quen Sign magic shield, dodge in the creature’s direction, strike one time and then back away to avoid the resulting counter attack. Keira may also stun Nithral with magic, allowing you to get in some hits before this adversary regains his bearings. 

We used a Thunderbolt potion to boost damage, then relied on strong attacks with the Quen Sign magic activated. We did this because you’ll find it difficult dodging Nithral’s attacks after going for a strong attack without Quen Sign. Not enough time to get out of harm’s way. 

When Nithral loses roughly half of his health, he pulls out a shield and instructs weaker enemies to go after Geralt.  Nithral heals while in this shield, and the only way to eliminate it is to defeat those summoned opponents. The quicker you kill these guys, the less health Nithral regains and the faster the shield disappears.

Nithral eventually succumbs to his wounds. Pick up all of the loot and then access the top area of this room. Walk over to the elven, view the cut scene and then use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to locate items in red, as well as a potion sitting on a table. 

Look around a bit and you will see stone blocking a path. Inspect it to watch another cut scene that gives Geralt access to the Eye of Nehaleni. Instead of using it right away, walk west and use Aard Sign magic to break a door.  Go into the room and then use the Eye of Nehaleni to get rid of the illusion. 

Jump into the water and pick up whatever items you desire, then travel south. There are stairs leading to even more loot, but there’s also a Foglet nearby. Kill the creature and rummage through the chest, taking the Twine, Dimeritium Ingot and Maugrim sword. There’s a good chance this Maugrim sword is superior to Geralt’s current blade, so make the switch right now. 

OK, now you can return to that blocked passageway and use the Eye of Nehaleni.  Have Geralt follow Keira. This leads to another cut scene, finishes the quest and kicks off Secondary Quest: Magic Lamp. 

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