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The Witcher 3 Monster Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg

by Prima Games Staff

Completing Monster Contracts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a great way to earn more Crowns and valuable items.  Not only will this move you closer to 100 percent completion, but you’ll test your skills against some of the toughest enemies in the game. With this in mind, prepare to battle a Wraith and grab another trophy!

Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg

Go to the Notice Board near the longhouse in northwest Arinbjorn. That’s the only way to find this quest.

The note speaks of a Wraith taking up residence on the isle of Eldberg. Not only did it blanket the area in fog, but the creature also snuffed out the lighthouse light. It must be stopped, but Geralt of Rivia doesn’t complete such jobs free-of-charge.   

Begin by stepping inside of the longhouse and meeting two men by the name of Kraki and Kori, neither of which take too kindly to foreigners. Things are about to get out of control, and before Geralt chops these guys to pieces, Jorund, son of Sigvald interferes.   

While drinking with him, inquire about the two fellows from before.  He’ll tell you they’re visiting from the Continent, then move on to the Monster Contract. Not only is the Wraith real, but the lighthouse keeper, Mikkjal, went missing. No problem for Geralt. Simply negotiate a reward and be on your way.

Proceed to Eldberg Isle, and don’t expect a quick journey.  You’ll need to get past dilapidated bridges, Ekhidra enemies and broken ships. That said, keep an eye out for what used to be a bridge Geralt can climb, then a neglected road. Now head north, leaping over gaps as you go. This brings you to the second island, where you’ll battle Drowned Dead. When that’s over, you’ll step onto the northern most island.   

Conversely, Geralt can sail to this location without much trouble.

Now you’ve come to the strange fog. Instead of looking at the landscape, use the mini map to stay on the winding path. Kill the Bilge Hag, then follow the green lights until you discover a longhouse, where Mikkjal the lighthouse keeper purportedly resides. Activate your Witcher Senses and you will find:

  • A corpse near a wall.
  • The front door. Give it a knock to learn Mikkjal is still alive. 

Engage Mikkjal in conversation and obtain the key. If you investigate the lighthouse, you’ll stumble upon a letter that reveals he is responsible for making the lighthouse go dark.

Go back outside and take the path north. Defeat two Wraiths, then some Harpies and additional Wraiths. Now you’re at the lighthouse. With Witchers Senses, look for a set of glyphs.

Return to Mikklaj and tell him a Penitent haunts the island. Since this creature cannot be killed in the fog, Mikklaj needs to illuminate the lighthouse to weaken the target’s strength.  

When the two characters arrive at the lighthouse, Mikklaj sets off to do his thing while Geralt deals with the Penitent.  At first you can only block its attacks. Then it vanishes and some Wraiths appear two times, before the lighthouse is lit, then after. 

With the lighthouse back in working order, you’re free to attack the Penitent. Quen Sign magic, Yrden Sign magic, Specter Oil and Moon Dust Bombs prove useful during the fight. 

Slay the monster and pick up the Essence of Wraith and Wraith Trophy. then speak to Mikkjal once more. If you discovered he was the culprit behind the lighthouse debacle, order him to leave this place and never return. Otherwise travel south to Jorund in Arinbjorn. 

Collect the reward, then beat up one of those rude men you encountered at the beginning of this Contract. From here, begin Secondary Quest: Stranger in a Strange Land.

Finish all of these quests with Prima’s Monster Contracts Guide. From there, visit our walkthrough for The Witcher 3, where we tell you how to create the best Gwent deck, repair your sword and romance the beautiful women in the game.

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