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The Witcher 3 Monster Contract: Dragon

by Prima Games Staff

This Witcher 3 Monster Contract tasks Geralt of Rivia with killing a dragon, but as you’ll soon learn, this fearsome sounding creature isn’t as menacing as originally thought. 

Contract: Dragon

You will find this contract on the Notice Board in Fyresdal village. Alternatively, Geralt may stumble upon a dead cow north of this place, but doing so requires some effort. We chose the quicker path in Fyresdal.

Noonwraiths and Leshens are enough to worry about, but now there’s a dragon terrorizing the good people of Fyresdal.  Seems like a tall order, but the mention of treasure makes the hunt intriguing.  

Begin the quest by searching for Vagn, the village elder, who you’ll track down near jarl’s longhouse by the signpost. Discuss money matters, then inquire about the dragon’s recent victims, Askel and Nilas.  You can even see their wounds by heading north and entering their home. 

When you arrive speak to Askel and Nilas’ mom. Ask her where their remains were found, then request permission to inspect the corpses, which you’ll do using Geralt’s Witcher Senses. Although you don’t see fire-based injuries, there are bite and claw marks. Odd, considering the enemy is a dragon. 

Head north away from the village until you come to a junction. Slightly beyond this is a dead cow. Examine the body with Geralt’s Witcher Senses to learn the dragon doesn’t seem particularly strong. Now look for a rock with cow’s blood on it, then follow the blood trail into the field, to the river and eventually a deceased dog. Something dropped this poor creature from a great height, further suggesting a dragon is responsible for the goings on. From here you make out a siege tower that appears to be the monster’s nest, but you’ll need some bait to draw out the target. 

Return to Vagn and ask about obtaining a sheep. Although he has one, his sheep is in poor condition and tough to work with. Take it anyway and head back to the aforementioned junction point. 

The sheep does not cooperate, but we suggest activating Axii Sign magic to keep it mostly under control. 

In addition, you can guide the sheep by walking to its left if you want it to move right, and approaching its right if you want the animal to go left. 

When you come to the siege tower with the sheep nearby, immediately move back roughly 20 yards. Turns out this isn’t a large dragon at all. Instead, a Forktail appears and the battle commences! 

While not the biggest adversary, the Forktail will make short work of Geralt if you’re not careful. Activate Aard Sign magic, then rely on Draconid Oil, Grapeshot Bombs and Golden Oriole Potions to end this creature’s reign of terror. 

With the Forktail dead, slice off the head, then collect the Forktail Mutagen. Let Vagr know you completed the contract, but lie about the size of the Forktail. Tell him it was a dragon and he hands over the reward you agreed upon.  Tell him the truth and he gives Geralt much less. Up to you.   

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