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The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Romancing Shani

by Prima Games Staff

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion gives players the opportunity to romance Shani, a beautiful red-head susceptible to Geralt of Rivia’s charm. This feature will provide step-by-step instructions on how to romance Shani in the game, guaranteeing you’ll be able to witness the intimate scene featuring both characters.

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Romancing Shani in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

  • Starting location: Brunwich
  • Quest: A Midnight Clear
  • Associated Main Quest: Dead Man’s Party 

Set plans into motion by finishing the Dead Man’s Party quest, which grants access to another quest called A Midnight Clear towards the end of the wedding.  The objective? Geralt must do everything in his power to cheer up Shani.

Before doing anything, go into the menu and read about Shani in order to find out what could make her happy.  In case you ignored this information when Geralt arrived at the wedding, she’s fond of rowan plants. 

Activate Geralt of Rivia’s Witcher Senses and go in search of something to brighten Shani’s mood. Gather some rowan berries or grab a bottle of mead off one of the tables nearby. You will see three highlighted areas to check out, so examine one and then bring the item to her. Since we kept track of the story to this point, the rowan berries seemed like the best fit.

Now proceed to the barn to meet Shani while at the same time making note of the woman near the entrance, who makes a comment as you pass by. Approach Shani and hand over the gift. This launches a conversation between the two, and you should reply with “You’ve got me.” 

From this point, there’s a chance various dialogue choices will result in the steamy scene with Shani, but we’ll provide the options we chose since they’re guaranteed to work.

After conversing a bit, Geralt and Shani will go outside for a walk. When you see the first timed dialogue option, go with “It was alright.” Next, select “Unfit’ – what’s that mean?”  From there, choose “That was Vlodomir, not me.” Soon after this, reply with “Let her down easy. I prefer you.”

You’ll immediately pick up on some sexual tension between Geralt and Shani as they approach the lake. When the game gives you the opportunity to speak, tell Shani “Better by a mile.”  A short time later, up the tension even further by saying “Kiss sure didn’t sate me.” Intimacy is a lock from this point! 

Now depending on the gift you presented Shani with earlier, you may experience one last chance at dialogue. Select “You probably shouldn’t mix” or “You’re right, let’s empty it.” Now the magic happens, and the scene may vary depending on your final dialogue choice. Oh Geralt, what a charmer!

After the fireworks, Geralt speaks with Shani once more on the beach. When she leaves and Geralt puts his clothes back on, the quest ends.

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