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The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Open Sesame Quest, Get the Witcher Gear

by Prima Games Staff

This walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions to complete the Open Sesame quest in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion. You begin by going to the Borsodi auction house, and you need to make sure Geralt has plenty of virtual currency beforehand. A few thousand coins is ideal since you may see items of interest or get into a bidding war. 

To begin, head to Oxenfurt and enter the Borsodi auction house, then ask for the owner. If you have trouble locating the auction house, it’s behind the well you discovered while on the Dead Man’s Party quest. Two guards stand in front of the entrance, and you can talk to these guys until Vimme Vivaldi shows up. After that happens, go inside. 

Speak to Vimme Vivaldi and then follow him up the steps. You are now on the top floor of the auction house. Vimme will inform Geralt of different people he knows in the auction house, and you can meet his friends or have a seat to take part in the auction. We suggest chatting with his buddies to acquire a new Gwent card and Witcher Gear.

During your conversation with Yaromir, he quizzes Geralt on his art knowledge. No pressure! Choose a painting and depending on the one you point out, Yaromir will offer different info. Afterwards you’re able to enjoy the auction, bidding on whichever items you desire. 

Now it’s time for intermission, so go chat with Horst Borsodi. The situation takes an unexpected turn and you’ll need to take down the guards. Later, a strange man has an offer for Geralt. Engage him in conversation and head to the herbalist’s hut by Oxenfurt. When you get there, offer up the password.

Kill the soldiers near the hut and then talk to the herbalist. Now walk down to the bottom floor and speak to the strange man. He gives you three sub quests to finish: The Safecracker, Breaking and Entering and Witcher Seasonings. All of these quests are part of the Open Sesame quest you’re currently on. 

With the Breaking and Entering quest, proceed to the home here Hugo Hoff is at or convince Eveline Gallo to take part in a robbery. 

With The Safecracker, you must make a choice. Will you convince Casimir to go on the robbery or head to the mercenary camp to speak with Quinto? 

Select Geralt’s accomplices and then finish the Witcher Seasonings sub quest. Activate his Witcher Senses and spy on the Redanian Soldiers at Oxenfurt to learn the location of their cook. Now go back to the auction house and listen to the soldiers’ conversation until Geralt learns the necessary info. 

Wait until daytime and pay the garrison cook a visit. Convince him to help Geralt, then go to the docks and meditate if you need to adjust the time of day. Later, return to the herbalist’s hut and get ready for the robbery.

Your goal is to get into the auction house vault in the basement. While en route you will need to defeat some of Horst’s guards. Take down Horst Borsodi’s goons and watch the cut scene, then enter the vault with the mysterious man. Battle some arachnomorphes with Igni and Quen sign magic, then search the vault to find Maximilian’s House. Walk up to the vault doors and watch the cut scene. Pick a side and defeat whoever stands in your way. Now you must leave the auction house. 

Upon exiting, return to the tavern and bring Maximilian Borsodi’s House to Olgierd. Speak to Olgierd and he offers up the next mission. This ends the Open Sesame quest. 

We’ll have more Hearts of Stone quests soon. For now, find out how to romance Shani, then visit Prima’s The Witcher 3 Guide to finish the Monster Contracts and defeat the game’s bosses.

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