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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 4 The Rat’s Lair – Rescue T-Bone and Kill the Fixers

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: The Rat’s Lair 

Objective: Use the Profiler to find an access point.

Objective: Connect to T-Bone.

When you reach the coffee shop, pull out your phone and look across the street (north) to find a hacking option on the right. Hack into the device to begin another hotspot mini-game. Start in the center and turn the point twice, then move to the lower right corner and turn it once. Move to the far right point (in the middle), unlock it, then turn it three times (four clicks in total), then move to the point just below and to the right of the starting point and turn it once. 

Move up to the top and unlock the point on the right, then turn it once. Move left and unlock that point, then turn it left once as well. Go back to the point on the right and turn it twice to unlock the point at the very top and gain access to the camera.

Objective: Lead T-Bone to safety. 

Go up the stairs to the west of the hacking point, but stop before you reach the top. Access the camera just ahead and survey the ground above to find the location and hacking vulnerabilities of the guards. Do not use anything that would make the guards search the area or else they will find T-Bone and attack.

When you’ve exhausted all of the hacking options, suit up and get ready for a fire fight. You need to take down all of the guards in the area, but you have plenty of cover. In addition, T-Bone is smart and stays behind cover for the most part. As long as you get to any guards attacking him, he’ll survive long enough for you to take them all out. 

Objective: Kill all the fixers or escape. 

Once T-Bone drives off, you have two options. Backup is coming, which means you need to either kill all of them, or escape in a vehicle. If you plan to kill them, head back upstairs, find cover immediately and prepare for battle. If you plan to run, it will be much harder than previous escape attempts. You will not be able to hack the environment as much as you normally can, plus the environmental hacks will be used against you. Unless you’re exceptionally good at escaping during a car chase, your best bet is to stand and fight. If you kill all of the fixers or escape, the mission is complete.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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