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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 4 Little Sister – Guide Nicky to the Car

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Little Sister

Objective: Hack the network to find Nicky. 

Your first objective is to hack the network so you can find Nicky. Head over to the northwest corner of the building, very close to the waypoint that marks where you need to initiate the hack. From the doorway, you can start the hack without endangering yourself. 

Objective: Take out Nicky’s guard.

Objective: Hack the guard’s phone.

Objective: Guide Nicky to a car. 

Move the camera to the right, then switch to the next visible camera. From this viewpoint, trigger the explosive next to the guard, then hack the guard’s cell phone. After a quick cut-scene, you need to guide Nicky to a car. The hacks you can activate on the guards (explosions, disabling their ability to call for reinforcements, etc.) are random, so we’ll assume you only have the default environmental hacks to help Nicky escape. Keep in mind, explosions cause the guards to look around more thoroughly, so only use them if you have nothing else. 

Move the camera to the left and switch to the camera in the next room. Move the next camera up and switch to the camera on the wall above. There’s a guard on the level above, off to the right, but you don’t need to worry too much about him. Even if he spots Nicky as you move her, she won’t be visible long enough for him to be alerted by it.

First you need to distract the guard directly in front of Nicky. Hack the forklift to get the guard’s attention, then move Nicky behind the palettes to the left. Quickly move to the camera on the far left and move Nicky into the large red carrier container below. Switch to the camera above the yellow beam to the right, near the middle of the room. When the guard on the far right and the guard in the middle are turned away, move Nicky behind the red carrier container on the right. Switch to the camera across the room so you’re looking at the landscape from the opposite side. 

When the guard closest to Nicky moves to the left, move her inside the orange carrier container to the left. Switch to the camera above to change your viewpoint again, then move Nicky to the far right side of the carrier, but still hidden from the guard. Switch back to the camera you were just at and turn it so your view is to the left of the yellow beam. Wait for the guard to move away, then move Nicky behind the steel pipes below. She should be behind the wooden box, steel beams and palettes stacked together on the ground. 

At this point, there’s only one guard between Nicky and the car. Swivel the camera to the left so you can see the car. To the left of the stairs are some large cardboard boxes. To the left of the car is a protector. Hack the protector to distract the guard, then quickly move Nicky to the cardboard boxes. Once she’s in place, access the lift to the right of the guard. You may have to access the lift a couple of times before he actually moves over to it, but as soon as he does, move Nicky to the car. Once she gets close enough she automatically gets in and drives off.

Objective: Kill all fixers or escape.

At this point, you can either mount a stand and kill all of the fixers, or hop in the car you arrived in and escape. Given your present location (outside of the building), the easiest way to handle this is to simply run. Either way, once the fixers are dead or you escape, the mission is complete.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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