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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 3 A Pit of Paranoia – Finding the Blume Security Chiefs

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: A Pit of Paranoia

Objective: Tail the helicopter.

Objective: Hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs. Stay undetected.

Before you begin the mission, make sure you have a vehicle ready to head back down the road. Shortly after the mission begins, you need to tail a helicopter. When you arrive at the helicopter’s destination, do not enter the compound. Stand outside the restricted area and move around until you have a clear visual of the chopper. 

At this point, you can hack the chopper and access the camera. Move around, looking at each person on the ground until you find two security chiefs. One is usually on the left side of the compound, and the other is generally in the back. The chopper moves around a little bit, so it shouldn’t take very long to find them.

Objective: Take down both Blume security chiefs. 

Once you’ve identified both chiefs, it’s time to take them down. Head around to the northeast side of the compound and you should be able to enter near one of the targets. You can do this unseen by taking him down first, then hacking his phone. Once the first target is down, you can then proceed around the compound to the other target and do the same. However, leaving the restricted area and moving around to the northwest side is a better approach for the second target.

From the northwest, you can use the fence as cover (although the chopper requires you to be a little more careful), then use the pop machine to distract the first guard and take him down. You can then hide behind the car in the back and wait for the heavy armored guard to pass by before making a break for the target. 

Alternately, you can go in guns blazing, but the helicopter and heavy armored guards make that difficult. If you’re loaded with high-end weaponry, go for it, otherwise take the stealth route. Keep in mind if you’re spotted, the targets will make a run for it and you’ll have to give chase to obtain what you need. 

Objective: Kill all militia members or escape. 

Once you’ve taken down and hacked both security chiefs, you need to either kill everyone (including the helicopter) or hijack one of the vehicles and make a run for it. The enemies have good firepower, so unless you’ve taken most of them out while getting to the security chiefs, it’s best to make a run for it. Escape or kill them to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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