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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Uninvited – Ambush the Viceroy Hitmen

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Uninvited

Objective: Destroy the truck with IEDs. 

Access your weapon wheel and select an IED (you may have to scroll left or right on another selection if your weapon wheel is full). Once you have it selected, stand back, throw it at the van and then detonate the IED. Do not stick around too long, as the police will eventually show up. 

Objective: Reach the Sienna Brick Factory.

Objective: Find security footage to plan your attack.

Objective: Prepare an ambush against the Viceroy hitmen. 

Get into a car and head to the next waypoint, which is the factory. Hack the gate when you arrive, then use the computer at the waypoint. At this point you have a limited time to set up an ambush. First pick up the extra IEDs to the left of the computer. Look around on the ground to find car tracks on either side of the area, plus cigarette remains that indicate the locations of guards. Toss IEDs in each of these locations, then raise the shutters and the protectors and hide behind one of the protectors until the hitmen arrive. 

Objective: Viceroys incoming. Find a good vantage point.

Objective: Eliminate all of Iraq’s crew. 

When the two cars pull up, wait for both to park, then immediately blow your IEDs. With proper timing you should get both vehicles, leaving only a few leftovers. You should be able to take out the remaining hitmen from behind the protectors, but keep in mind they will come from bother directions. If you hit the cars properly, you’ll have plenty of time to take out the first group on one side before the hitmen on the other side show up. 

Objective: Hack the phone to intercept the call.

Objective: Take down the fleeing Viceroy.

Objective: Reach Bedbug’s location.

Objective: Follow Bedbug undetected.

Objective: Call Bedbug.

Objective: Hack the terminal to display Bedbug’s blackmail. 

Hack the phone in the center of the area, then quickly head outside and into a vehicle to chase down the last remaining Viceroy. Once he’s down, you need to reach Bedbug’s location. When you arrive, get out of your car and follow him into the park area, taking cover to ensure he does not see you. Pull put your phone as you will soon be calling Bedbug. After the call, move over near the terminal and hack it to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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