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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 A Risky Bid – Escape from Iraq

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: A Risky Bid

Objective: Follow the guide.

Objective: Follow the guide again.

Objective: Locate Iraq.

Objective: Scan Iraq’s ID tags.

After you reach the waypoint to start the mission, follow the guide into the next room. You can hack the object in the ceiling, but it’s purely optional. For the mini-game that follows, turn the middle and right point three times and the left point twice, then click the top point. It provides a small scene showing the aftermath of a “sampling” session. 

Continue down the hallway to reach the guide, then follow him down the stairs and through the room. When you reach the stairs on the opposite side of the room, go up and make your way over to Iraq (the next waypoint). A cut-scene begins when you get close enough to Iraq. As soon as you approach, be prepared to scan the ID tags around his neck when prompted. 

Objective: Escape unseen. 

Once the cut-scene concludes, you need to escape the facility without being seen. Take cover immediately, then make your way down to the basement. There aren’t many guards in the way, so you won’t have too much to worry about. Once you climb down to the basement level, take cover again while you wait for the patrolling guard to pass by to the right. Follow him and wait around the corner until the guard next to the waypoint turns his back to you. At this point, run up behind him and use a takedown. 

Climb up the ladder, then take cover again and go through the gate when the guard at the end of the hall turns his back. Take him down, then continue to the end of the hallway and wait for the guard ahead to turn his back as well. Once he moves away, go around the back side of the room, behind the boat and forklift and into the door across the way, then up the stairs. 

Objective: Retrieve your weapons.

Objective: Escape the area. 

Pick up the bag on the table ahead, then access the camera to the right and unlock the door using the hack directly ahead. Head through the unlocked door and make your way toward the next waypoint. During the cut-scene that follows, hack the panel to cause an explosion when Focus is automatically initiated and the game slows down. 

Quickly vault over the wood and hack the panel on the opposite side of the room to unlock your objective. There are two gunmen on the balcony that need to be taken care off. Use the wood for cover as you take them down. 

Head through the unlocked gate and to the next waypoint where you engage another large group of gunmen. Use the cameras in the area to take down a good number of them with explosives and other environmental hacks. Use the provided cover as you finish off the group, then make your way to the next waypoint and up the ramp. 

When you reach the top, jump down to the lower section to find that you’re not quite done fighting yet. Once again, use the cameras and the environment to take out a good number of enemies, then make your way to the west side of the complex and up the stairs to gain the higher ground advantage and avoid confrontations with most of the attackers. 

Head into the next building to engage several more enemies. Use the crane in the middle to make life a little easier and make it to the other side with minimal confrontation. You’ll miss out on the crafting items and ammunition spread out around the top floor, but unless you’re confident in your fighting skills it’s the easier route. 

Go through the doors at the end to find yet another group of enemies just outside. Take them down with the explosive panels on the ground (or explosives of your own), then get in one of the cars and get away from the area (outside of the white circle on the map) to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough