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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Not a Job for Tyrone – Help Rabbit Escape

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Not a Job for Tyrone

Objective: Find access to Bedbug’s home.

Objective: Install tracker on Bedbug’s phone. 

Access the camera near the roof of Bedbug’s house and turn it all the way to the right to see a hacking point. Hack the router to begin another mini-game. Start in the upper right corner and turn that point twice, then move to the lower left point and turn it once. Move to the middle point on the right (just below the first point) and turn it twice, then move to the middle point on the left (two points to the left), unlock it, then turn it one time (two total clicks). 

Move to the point just above and turn it once, then move back to the lower left point (two points down) and turn it one more time. Turn the point at the very bottom three times, then move to the point in the middle (one point up), unlock it and turn it once (two total clicks). Move back to the bottom point and turn it two more times, the move to the upper right point and turn it three more times. 

Finally, move down one point and turn it three times, then move all the way to the left and unlock the last point to access the camera. Point the camera toward Bedbug and install a tracker on his phone. 

Objective: Follow Bedbug to get blackmail. Remain unseen.

Your next objective is to tail Bedbug without being seen. Follow him to his car but don’t get too close. When he gets into the car, hijack a car that’s close by and follow him (again, keeping your distance). When he moves into gang territory (the red block on the mini-map), do not follow him in. Instead, move to the right around the gang area, then continue to follow him when his car exits the area. 

When the car stops and Bedbug gets out, he enters another restricted gang area. Follow him on foot from the north and make sure you’re not seen by anyone. If you lose sight of Bedbug for too long, or you’re seen by anyone, the gig is up. From this entry point, you shouldn’t have much trouble from the other gang members in the area. When he stops next to the van to have a conversation, wait until he moves, then move around the back side of the van and hide between the dumpster and the wooden structure that resembles an outhouse. 

Wait for Bedbug to move again, then cross the street and look out for the gang member in the area he moves into. When that gang member turns his back, move into the area and take cover. Bedbug will move around another fence, walking right by yet another gang member. As soon as that gang member looks away, climb over the fence and take cover to the right of the tree near the exit Bedbug uses. You can keep an eye on Bedbug from behind the fence so you don’t have to worry about losing him.

Objective: Use cameras to follow Bedbug. 

At this point, you need to use nearby cameras to keep an eye on Bedbug. Start with the camera behind you, near the gang member patrolling in your immediate area. From here, you can move the camera up to find another camera directly ahead. Switch to this camera, then move it up to find the camera on the building next to Bedbug’s current location. Access this camera and listen in on Bedbug’s conversation. 

Objective: Help Rabbit escape.

Objective: Call Rabbit.

Objective: Guide Rabbit safely through the Viceroys.

Objective: Leave the area. 

When Bedbug pulls a gun on Rabbit, hack the object right next to them. This allows Rabbit to make a run for it. Use the camera to follow Rabbit, then hack his phone to call him. During this time, you will be alerted to a gang member seeing you. However, they’re moving about so quickly that they won’t remaining stationary long enough to actually spot you. Just ignore the notifications and stay on the camera facing Rabbit. If you are actually spotted, it means you weren’t far enough to the right of the tree when you took cover. 

There are two ways you can proceed from here. You can allow Rabbit to get caught, then hack his phone for information, or you can direct Rabbit to move out of the area without being seen. If you choose to direct him out, there are two guards in the immediate area that are walking back and forth. Wait until the one closest to Rabbit moves away, then direct him to move to the stack of palettes next to the garbage crate. Quickly switch to the camera on the left and direct Rabbit to move behind the palettes near the guard in this area. 

At this point, the guard will begin to move (it may take a few seconds for the guard to physically move). As soon as he turns, move Rabbit to the guard’s previous position, then switch to the camera just above the red truck and move Rabbit to the other side of the truck.

From this viewpoint, there’s one guard at the end of the street. If you can distract him, do so. If not, wait for him to turn around. When he does, switch to the camera to the right of the guard and move Rabbit behind the white structure to the left of the red truck (with the white trailer). 

Switch to the camera to the left of Rabbit and move him to the palettes just left of the guard ahead. Switch to the camera above Rabbit’s new location and move him around the side of the palettes when the guard moves around to investigate. From here, Rabbit will lead himself out of the area. Once Rabbit is out, you need to leave the area to complete the mission. It’s fairly easy to leave the same way you came in.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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