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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Breakable Things – Search Racine’s Office

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Breakable Things

Objective: Find the access code to Racine’s office.

Walk over to the gate and hack the camera just above it. Move the camera up to find the next camera, then move that camera up to find the camera at the entrance to the garage. Remember this camera, as you’ll need it to take down the heavy armored guard inside when the time comes. Move the camera all the way to the left and access the audio file in the room, then the only visible camera in the room (from this angle). 

Move the new camera up and to the right to find another one, then move it up and to the left to find yet another camera to hack. At this point, there are two cameras in view. Hack the higher of the two cameras, then move it up to find the person you need to hack to get the access codes. 

Objective: Search Racine’s office for clues on Nicky.

With the access code obtained, wait until the guard patrolling the gate moves away, then open the gate and take cover behind the van just inside. Take him down when he approaches the gate, then access the camera above and move over to the camera by the heavy armored guard that was mentioned during the previous objective. 

Wait until the heavy armored guard is standing near the explosive panel, then take him down. At this point, the guards will be alerted, but there are several explosive panels in the immediate area. Use them to take down most of the guards outside. When you’ve exhausted all of those options, switch to the camera just above your present location and use the car alarm to attract any remaining guards. When they approach, use the forklift to move them near the explosive panel, then take them down by hacking the panel. 

With all of the exterior guards down, head toward the building where the heavy armored guard was. Pick up the ctOS device just outside and the proximity IED on the table in the middle of the first room. Head up the dark stairs in the corner and hack the box at the top to unlock the door. Go through the door and hack the computer inside to complete the objective. 

Objective: Hack Racine’s phone.

Objective: Take down target.

Hack the person’s phone in front of you to listen in on the conversation. When it’s over, you need to take down the person on the phone.  When you leave the room, another heavy armored guard attacks. Quickly blow up the junction box behind him to take him out, then run (not walk) down the stairs and get in one of the cars in the yard. Mark the vehicle on the main map and chase after him until you’ve taken him down.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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