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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Breadcrumbs – Find the Briefcase in the Marina

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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Mission: Breadcrumbs

Objective: Track the auction briefcase and watch for hand-offs.

Objective: Follow the briefcase unseen.

You need to watch the thug take the briefcase, then tail the item as it moves from person to person. The best course of action here is to head back up the stairs and follow the briefcase from the street level. It’s easy to keep an eye on the briefcase from above, but you won’t have to worry about being spotted. 

Objective: Tail the boat carrying the briefcase.

Objective: Locate the briefcase unseen. 

When the tail stops near the pier, drop down and get close. There’s a motorcycle near the hand-off location. Wait under cover until the last person moves away, then hop on the bike and follow the boat (it stays close enough to land to do so).

Once the boat arrives at its destination, you need to locate the briefcase without being seen. Rotate the platform to get over to the building. You don’t need to be that close to the briefcase to discover its location. However, once you know where it is, you need to go get it. 

Objective: Infiltrate the marina to get the briefcase.

Objective: Escape the marina. 

Head over to the far left platform (west side). Move to the end of the platform, then swim over to the ladder to the left of the garage door. This puts you on the north side of the building. There are three men on the east side of the building where you need to go. Two of them remain stationary, while one patrols. Access the camera above to discover the location of all the guards. You can make your way up the stairs to the main area and wait for the patrolling guard to move south. When this happens, move in closer to the briefcase location. 

Stop at the pile of wood and hide on the north side of the pile until the patrolling guard returns. When he stops in close proximity to you and turns his back, take him down. As long as you don’t use a gun (unless you have a silencer), you won’t make enough noise to alert the other guards. At this point, watch the direction the guards are facing and make a beeline for the briefcase. 

One guard patrols the area immediately surrounding the briefcase, so wait for him to move away before approaching it. Access the briefcase, then you need to escape the area. Leave the same way you came in an move out of the white circle surrounding the marina (on the mini-map) to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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