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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center – How to Hack the Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center

Objective: Buy some crafting components. 

When you reach the first waypoint, you need to buy crafting components inside the shop. There are three components you can buy. Make sure you have enough of each component to craft all available items in your weapon wheel. Once you have all of your items, head to the new waypoint on the map, all the way across town. 

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

Objective: Download access code. 

Pull up the gate of the facility and access the camera to the left.  Move it up and to the left to find the next camera. Move this camera up and to the right to switch to the camera on the right side of the ctOS building (there’s also a camera on the left side of the building, but you don’t want that one). Move this camera to the left to find yet another camera, then move the new camera down and to the left to find the guard with the access code. Hack him to obtain the codes. 

Objective: Hack the ctOS server. 

Now you need to get inside the ctOS building in order to hack the server. Open the gate, then move to the left of the gate where there’s a garage door. Open the garage door and the guard that was patrolling the gate will move over to the garage door to investigate. When he turns his back, take him down.

Move inside the garage and up the stairs to take down the sniper at the top. He’ll have his back to you, so taking him down should be pretty easy. Take cover behind the desk next to the guard to avoid being seen, and look out the window to the right to find a camera. 

The easiest way to handle the guards between you and the ctOS building is to simply gun them down. Pick up the guard’s SVD sniper rifle, back away from the window so you’re not easily spotted and take down as many guards as you can before they start to close in on the building you’re in.

Once the guards close in, move into the middle of the room between the moose head and the stairs (staying on the second floor). From this vantage point you can easily take down any guards that attempt to enter the building and head up to your location. One or two guards may not take the bait, but they’re easily dispatched with the sniper rifle once the others are down. 

With the guards taken care of, head down the stairs and out the door to the left. Make your way across the area and use the stairs on the far left to enter the ctOS building and reach the next waypoint. Hack into the system to begin another hacking mini-game. 

Turn the right-most point twice, then turn the left-most point twice. This unlocks the center point. Click on it, then turn the right and left points three more times each to unlock the upper-most point. Click the final point to access the camera.

You can access the hacking point to view a few videos, but all you need to do is access the camera straight ahead, then unlock the hacking point to the left to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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