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Watch Dogs Walkthrough: Act 1 Backseat Driver – West Island, Capture Fugitive

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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Mission: Backseat Driver 

Objective: Reach the West Island for the driving contract.

Objective: Reach the fugitive undetected. 

Head to the mission waypoint on the map to begin the next mission. Take a car and head to the next waypoint marker. As you approach, the police are alerted to the individual and begin pursuit. Avoid the yellow circles on the map as you make your way to the new location of the person you’re picking up (yellow marker on the map). You may need to take a more indirect route to avoid the yellow circles. They often appear right on top of you, at which point your priority is to get out of the circle as quickly as possible. 

As you approach your destination, a yellow circle appears right on top of you. Quickly exit the area, then circle back around when the circle disappears. As you approach a second time, the circle will reappear, but you have enough time to reach the garage and hack it to continue the mission. 

Objective: Escape the lockdown area undetected.

Head out of the garage and take a right. When you reach the main street, head left and follow the police car (although not too closely). When the police car makes a right, you should make a left, then turn left again at the next intersection. This should put you just behind a police blockade. When you reach the block (which will be on your left), make a quick right and your path will be clear to the next destination waypoint. 

Objective: Deliver the fugitive and avoid all detection.

Mark the next waypoint on the map to pull up the GPS. You need to make it to the destination without being detected. If you used the route that was described for the previous objective, you can follow the GPS route and should avoid all police. If not, just make sure you stay clear of any police and reach the destination to complete the mission. 

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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