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Watch Dogs – Exclusive Contract – CTRL – Hack the Building Security Router

by Prima Games Staff

After having your conversation with the creepy DEDSEC guy, head to the marker on your map. When you reach the area, park a vehicle nearby for a quick getaway. We chose to call in and have a Papavero Stealth Edition delivered, but any vehicle will do.

Tip: A motorcycle might not be a good option. While it is versatile, you will be crashing and banging it out with other cars. We’re not experts in automobile collisions, but we can see doors, a roof and other protective materials being helpful. Take a car.

When you arrive in the alley way, look up and see that you need to hack something high above ground. Go to the east, then climb up a yellow ladder near a railing. Move counterclockwise, climbing higher as you go. When it doesn’t look like you can go further, climb up the wooden flower beds and hack into the Building Security Router.

Explaining how to solve the puzzle inside the router would likely leave you even more confused than you were before. Instead of a detailed guide, follow these best practices to solve the puzzle.

  • There is no time limit on this one. Be patient and take it step-by-step.
  • Focus on unlocking one lock at a time, working your way out from the power source.

Once you’ve navigated through the system, use the camera to hack the cell phone that’s sitting on top of the table. This will locate a target for you, then return you back to reality and task you wish chasing him down. Make your way down from the roof (carefully) and hop in whatever wheels you left waiting while you were off being a digital hero.

Once you’re safely in your vehicle, bring up your map and place a waypoint on the target. He is moving, but the waypoint will move with him and update your route automatically. Make your way over to the bad guy (safe to assume he’s not a good guy), at which point he’ll most likely spot you and speed away through the streets of Chicago.

Tip: If you don’t feel like chasing this guy, setup an ambush a few hundred meters ahead of him, then shoot him when he gets close. You can approach the car and hack his phone to get the data you were sent to retrieve.

We aren’t really known for doing things the easy way, so we chased this guy all over the place. The key here is to stay within 35 meters of the car in order continue retrieving the data. You don’t have to keep line of sight, but you must be within that distance. Also, about the time the download is at 25 percent, the focus of your attention will call in some Fixers to make things difficult. While they could be a big pain in the backside, the guy you’re chasing drives like a maniac and we ended up losing the tail while trying to keep up.

If you’re not lucky enough to lose  the tail, take advantage of Blockers, Traffic Lights, Steam Pipes and even Bridges to throw them off. In fact, you can use these to take your target down too. However, you have to be careful taking him down with Fixers on your tail. It is absolutely no fun chasing and shooting at him while these nerds for hire are doing the same to you.

When you have all the data, your objective will update, telling you to take down the target. Of course, you could have done this at any time but like we mentioned, we like a challenge. Just like we told you before, hack anything and everything as you chase this guy (we got him with a Steam Pipe). When his wheels are destroyed, jump out of your car and shoot him with whatever gun you like the most.

If you were thinking you were done, think again. Now that you’ve hacked into someone’s home, stolen valuable data, out ran a bunch of Fixers, wrecked a man’s car and then shot the same man, it’s time for you to escape from some more angry Fixers. Your best be here is to set a waypoint for the nearest train station and make your getaway there. If that’s not an option, try heading for a freeway and losing them by driving on the wrong side of the road. Either way, as soon as you’ve lost (or killed) them, the mission is nearly over. Just head back to the target location and collect $4,000 for all your hard work.

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